Think small: St. Pete Tiny Home Festival is April 7-8

For some people, size matters a whole lot – the smaller the better. That’s especially true with regard to America’s tiny home movement, which began on the population-strangled west coast around the turn of the (21st) century.

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An opening day double-header for St. Pete’s Kahwa Coffee

“We had a pretty good day,” understates Raphael Perrier, who co-founded the St. Pete-based company in 2006 with his wife, Sarah. “Everybody was excited about having good coffee. Even the owner of the Rays, Mr. Sternberg, said ‘Finally, there’s good coffee in the stadium.’ For us, that’s a big thing, because we’re bringing in good stuff from St. Pete.”

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Music revenue is back to CD era levels thanks to streaming services

The RIAA reports that Spotify/Apple and other streaming services are now delivering as much revenue to the music industry as CDs once did.

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Rick Baker

Hear his thoughts on Donald Trump, what he’s been up to since the election and what’s next.

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The Hustle


CrossFit9 is one of the "OGs." Founded in 2008, it came along before CrossFit or (St. Pete, for that matter) was cool.

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In an age where print is generally considered a dying medium, the independent book store remains alive and well.

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The Shuffle

Amy Kickliter
St Petersburg College

Margaret Murray
Museum of Fine Arts


Chuck Egerter
Founder & CEO - Eagle Datagistics

Focus: Mobile Biz

The Unexpected Haven for Entrepreneurs


Tiny Home Festival

April 5-7

TiECon Florida 2018

March 31

Startups and Raising Capital

April 10

Partner Content

All in the family: Linton N. Tibbetts and the Florida lumber industry (part I)

When he sold his flagship Cox Lumber Company to Home Depot in 2006, the company had posted a previous-year profit of $396 million.

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