The new Trop site could include a Cultural Arts Center

John Collins, executive director of the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance, has long been envisioning much more than museums and murals for St. Pete’s thriving arts community. So long, in fact, he had a name for it – the Arts Resource Center. The basic services of the conceptualized resource center would be answers to many of the pain points of the arts community.

The idea sat for years as just that – an idea. Until now.

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Another new apartment complex slated for Skyway Marina District

It hasn’t exactly been a gold rush, but business has begun moving into the Skyway Marina District.

Progress in the chronically-underserved 1.5 mile south St. Pete corridor has been snail’s-pace-slow since the City’s detailed “creating a destination district” revitalization plan in 2013, frustrating residents and business owners in equal numbers.

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A Woman’s Paycheck Is Influenced by Her Hometown—Even If She Doesn’t Live There Anymore [The Atlantic]

In a new study, economists find women from places where sexist attitudes prevail end up earning less later in life.

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[Planet Money] Episode 613: Trash!

The line between trash and recycling is moving a lot these days. It's a tough time to be a recycler.

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The Hustle

Shuchi Vyas (GuestBox)

In the age of disruption, Vyas is finding a way to bridge the needs of the disruptors and the status quo. The subscription box service is not only great for AirBnB and vacation rentals, but also boutique hotels.

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Diamond View Studios

Diamond View is a multi-million dollar video production company, and the first of its kind in Tampa Bay to receive an Emmy Award.

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The Shuffle

Nate Gilmore

Carol Martin Brown
Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg


Kyle Parks
B2 Communications

Focus: Retail

Welcome to checkout-free retail. Don't mind all the cameras

But it's, like, future shopping. Because: No cashiers. No checkout lines. My purchase—well, Motukuri's, really—is a matter between me, my credit card company, and the store's tech.


August 22

August 30

September 6

ACUMEN: Digital

Ritson, Sharp & brand perception: some arguments to cool down a bit [LinkedIn]

A modest attempt to cool off an overheated debate.

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