USF St. Pete regional chancellor: Consolidation is not a loss but an opportunity

The most misunderstood issue around the planned merger of the three campuses of University of South Florida is that St. Petersburg has “lost its university,” says Martin Tadlock, regional chancellor at USF St. Petersburg.

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Comings and goings: Checking in with the Cross-Bay Ferry

Five weeks after the Cross-Bay Ferry resumed crossing the bay, business is brisk, with ridership divided evenly between St. Petersburg residents and visitors heading east to sample what Tampa’s channel district has to offer, and Tampa people boating west for a meal or shopping excursion in downtown St. Pete.

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A renewed vision for Grow Smarter: Where economic development and equity meet

The language of the 2018 summit focused squarely on inclusion and equity more than ever before. “I didn’t know what equity meant,” Steinocher candidly admitted. “It’s not just, ‘let’s help everybody and everybody will rise.’ We began to really buy into this notion of ‘let’s go where we have the most critical needs, let’s invest in those and watch how it all sprouts.’”

As St. Petersburg moves into year five of Grow Smarter, bolstered by new funding, a dedicated staff, and the collective hopes of the community, we will look for forward motion.

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SPx Classic: Ryan Griffin - Business Attorney & Restaurateur

Got ambiance? Restaurateur & master host Ryan Griffin is putting St Pete on the culinary map.

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The Hustle

Shannon O'Malley (Brick Street Farms)

Entrepreneurs Shannon O'Malley and Brad Doyle are turning a corner on 2nd Avenue into a one-of-a-kind city-farm.

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Eagle Datagistics

Eagle Datagistics is boldly going into uncharted territory – to guarantee your data security.

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The Shuffle

Bobby Eagle
Tech Data

Dave Campbell


Jason Mathis
St. Pete Downtown Partnership

Focus: Recovery

St. Pete 10 years after the recession: Entrepreneurial energy ignites

In the summer of 2011, a half-dozen young tech companies embarked on an adventure that was relatively new in Tampa Bay at that time. They were part of the first Gazelle Lab business accelerator, a St. Petersburg-based initiative to foster development of the fledgling firms by providing small cash infusions and a big dose of mentoring, with the goal of building an entrepreneurial community locally.

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Dec. 12

Dec. 15

Feb. 16

ACUMEN: Productivity

How to Configure Your iPhone to Work for You, Not Against You [Better Humans]

The Very, Very Complete Guide to Productivity, Focus, and Your Own Longevity. The iPhone could be an incredible tool, but most people use their phone as a life-shortening distraction device.

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