UT study pinpoints what the Tampa area needs to boost its entrepreneurial energy

Communities with the most startup success are ones where entrepreneurs, investors and companies have strong connections.

That connectivity remains a key issue, and an opportunity, in the Tampa Bay area, according to the authors of a report released Tuesday from University of Tampa’s John P. Lowth Entrepreneurship Center.

The report, “State of the Tampa Bay MSA Entrepreneurial Ecosystem,” is the third from UT tracking entrepreneurship in the Tampa Bay area. The wide-ranging report tracks dealmakers, or investors with three or more equity positions in local firms, examines factors that support entrepreneurial activity and provides an overview of ecosystem economics.

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Sneak peek at downtown St. Petersburg’s latest affordable housing project

Construction is underway on Delmar 745, a $21 million, 12-story apartment building in downtown St. Petersburg that will provide affordable housing.

The project, with 65 one- and two-bedroom apartments for formerly homeless and low-income individuals and families, comes amidst a housing crisis in Pinellas County.

There’s a deficit of 19,820 units for extremely low-income households and nearly 34,000 for households at or below 50 percent of adjusted median income, according to a recent study from the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg and Collaborative Solutions Inc.

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‘Pemberley’ at American Stage: There’s something about Mary

When last we checked in with Elizabeth Bennet, the feisty, tart-tongued heroine of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, she was newly betrothed to the handsome and beguiling Mr. Darcy, who’d won her milky-white hand following a series of oh-so-whimsical romantic misadventures.

The story continues to seduce and inspire. The whole Bridget Jones’ Diary phenomenon was a modern take on Pride and Prejudice.

Not to be confused with the Hallmark Channel’s recently-debuted cutesy-poo Pride and Prejudice and Mistletoe (which starred Lacey “17 Hallmark movies and counting” Chabert as feisty, tart-tongued Darcy Fitzwilliam) comes Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley.

The play, by Lauren Gunderson and Margot Melcon, opens Friday and runs through Dec. 30 at American Stage. Catch it in previews tonight (Nov. 28) and Thursday.

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When it Comes to Housing, Do Millennials Have a Different American Dream?

Despite reports of $10,000/week avocado toast habits ravaging their bank accounts, studies show that Millennials and other young Americans are still managing to buy homes now and then. But the specific homes they’re choosing might not resemble what their parents might have picked—and the new American Dream House might suggest something startling about our future.

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The Hustle

Katie Toth (KTYoga LLC)

As our attention spans wane and the digital distractions mount, Katie spreads the gospel of mindfulness and yoga, which she has practiced since 1996. She has taught Akhanda yoga, Classical Kundalini yoga, Hatha Raja yoga, restorative yoga, prenatal yoga and more to students from the ages of 1 to 89.

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Redefining excellence in travel, lifestyle, and luxury marketing, Paradise Advertising is the premier tourism ad agency in the Southeast.

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The Shuffle

Dean Akers
Tampa Bay Innovation Center

Dave Campbell


Jeff Klinkenberg

Focus: Jazz

A look at Lakewood High School’s 54th Avenue South jazz combo

St. Petersburg is often recognized for its vibrant arts scene: Murals, museums, live music, and almost everything in between can be found throughout the city. One notable group of high school students has the talent and dedication to contribute to this scene: Lakewood High School’s 54th Avenue South jazz combo.

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Dec. 7

Nov 29

Dec. 12

ACUMEN: Churches

America’s Epidemic of Empty Churches [The Atlantic]

Religious communities often face a choice: Sell off the buildings they can no longer afford, or find a way to fill them with new uses.

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