Florida Funders expands business to grow the state’s tech sector

Florida Funders has dramatically expanded its assets under management, after winning a bid to manage the portfolio of the Institute for the Commercialization of Florida Technology.

It’s part of a series of moves by Tampa-based Florida Funders to broaden the base of technology investors in the state and support a growing technology sector that is expected to bring more high-skill and high-wage jobs to Florida.

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Looking ahead: Synapse Summit 2020

Organizers of the Synapse Summit are considering fine-tuning a few details when the event is held again next year.

“I think you’ll see the mainstage next year be used 100 percent of the time. It’s such a great stage. Why not?” Blumenthal said. “And we’ll have more exhibitors on the floor. We need to get more people in the bowl.”

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Notes from Margie Manning's desk: Synapse Summit quotes that will stick

It happens a lot.
You go to a conference, hear sage advice and brilliant insights, and think, “I have to remember that” — and then you forget what you heard.
The just-ended Synapse Summit, a two-day gathering to celebrate technology and innovation, was filled with smart people offering thoughtful observations and challenging concepts that I want to keep top of mind.

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SPx Classic: Marc Blumenthal - Synapse, Florida Funders

Marc Blumenthal talks Synapse origins, the recipe for a successful startup ecosystem and changing the conversation around capital.

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Capone, the Babe, the Gangplank and Jungle Prada

Stories have circulated for nearly a century about Al Capone and Babe Ruth, two famous figures in American history, and their ties to the area of western St. Petersburg known, in different eras, as The Jungle, Jungle Prada and Jungle Terrace.

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The Shuffle

Michael Clifton


The Hustle

Beth Shaw (I Heart Finish Lines)

Beth Shaw began her running career as an athlete and blogger ("The Discombobulated Runner") in 2009. Thanks to a push from a friend-turned-client, Shaw made the jump from blogger to full-time endurance coach in 2015.

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Das Health

Das Health is one of the leading providers of management and health IT solutions to the medical field.

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James Faison
The Mainframe

Focus: Development

Al Gore’s Firm Leads $100 Million Investment in African Outsourcing Startup

Andela trains developers in Nigeria and Kenya for contract work with U.S. employers; its investors say remote work could help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Jan. 30

Feb. 5

Feb. 4-8

Airbnb-Hotel hybrids offer more homey comfort with less risk [WIRED]

New York–based upstart Domio—which just raised a $12 million series A—snags long-term leases on buildings or units in mixed-use apartment complexes, then converts them into sleekly furnished pads with hotel-esque perks.

Last year, competing apartment-hoteliers TurnKey and Sonder raised $31 million and $85 million, respectively.

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