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The Catalyst is a conduit for social news & discussion about our community. Our professional journalism, social journalism and community comments all spark the exchange of ideas. We’ve built an environment where those ideas can stack and perspectives can grow.

To that end, we moderate comments and content. Your comment will appear after it passes the posting guidelines.

We invite you to bring your perspective to the Catalyst. Below are a few guidelines for adding your voice which help us keep the Catalyst an effective space to build a strong, healthy tribe.

Idea Stacking Guidelines

Here are some guidelines and suggestions to help ensure your content is accepted and shared with the Catalyst community. We do not publish anonymous comments.

Make it about the idea, not a profile, identity or persona on the other side of your idea.


Take pride in ideas that work for the most stakeholders. If you could present a case for all sides of an issue, you’re winning.


Think long term and contribute with the care. Our community tribe working together is more important than any one issue.


Common reasons why posts are rejected

Content isn’t specific to the idea or supports profiling and divisive generalizations.


Content tears down without offering alternatives. Bad ideas can be the foundation for better ideas – act accordingly.


The content hinders progress, collaboration or the free flow of ideas.


Potential outcomes

  • Post adheres to posting guidelines and is shared with the community.
  • Portions of your submission adhere and are posted while portions that do not are removed.
  • Post is not included on Catalyst.

The St. Pete Catalyst

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