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As a startup, exposure to investors, collaborators and customers is essential to surviving and thriving. PitchLyst leverages the network of the St Pete Catalyst and the St Petersburg Group, which means you’re getting in front of Tampa Bay’s most engaged business audience. A fee of $250 applies to list your startup on PitchLyst. This covers your active profile for a year. We won’t process the payment until we’ve approved your application.


This form collects the content for your profile page. For maximum impact from your PitchLyst profile, fill out each entry including pictures and supporting documents. Email with questions.


A note on general solicitation:  Your PitchLyst profile contains general information about your company and your leadership, as well as historical information about capital raises.  It does not imply a current round and is therefore not general solicitation.  Please consult your attorney before uploading any documents (pitch decks, etc) that advertise a current round as it may increase the verification requirements for taking new investors.  

Add photos that showcase your company


Provide supporting documents like a pitch deck, financial projections, use of funds or business plan


Add information about your leadership

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TOTAL: $250

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Never before have our innovators and entrepreneurs had as much opportunity as they do today.  The days of leaving Tampa Bay to be successful are over.  Our community is ready and willing to fund great ideas. Pitch Lyst connects investors, mentors and supporting organizations with the startups that will grow here and prosper here. This is economic development in action. Connect frequently for Action and Venture.

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PitchLyst provides profiles of startups, including historical information about previous capital raises. Participation in PitchLyst does not imply an open capital round.

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