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Bras are a necessary evil. They pinch. They pull. They poke. They’ve never fit us correctly, and we’ve been stuck wearing the same, antiquated styles for the last 100 years. Fashion has evolved a lot during this time, so why haven’t our bras? Imagine having the power to personalize your bra to fit you and your outfit - That’s what Fruutfull is. Instead of using generic band sizes that fit only even number measurements, Fruutfull’s patented design allows women to personalize their bra to fit down to the exact centimeter. Our new sizing system will offer a more personal fit through just 30 sizes rather than the 165 combinations we have to sift through today. By eliminating the band as a complicated size variable, we aim to make bra shopping effortless through a more curated experience. Our 30 sizes will cover petite to plus - and everything in between. We believe the size of a woman’s bust shouldn’t dictate her ability to shop at certain stores or wear certain clothing. Fruutfull was founded on the idea that style has no size, only limited size options.

Company Leadership

Ellery Linder

Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Originally hailing from the Sunshine State, Ellery has 7 years of experience working in corporate and retail environments. After starting her career in publishing at Food Network Magazine in NYC, she followed her passion for cooking to HSN joining the culinary team where she transitioned into retail. At HSN, Ellery lead the culinary e-commerce Category Management team where she focused on digital content and user experience to optimize site traffic, grow sales and increase digital penetration and conversion. Most recently, Ellery was the brand marketing lead for the culinary division, overseeing the development of category and brand strategies for launches, events, programs and campaigns that drove incremental sales, customer growth and brand engagement. She managed a cross-functional team that created comprehensive, onmi-channel marketing plans to establish customer advocacy, awareness and brand loyalty. Fruutfull’s mission to empower women to love their fruuts resonated with Ellery because she, like so many women, always struggled to find the “perfect bra” (much to her surprise, she had been wearing the wrong bra size prior to joining the Fruutfull team!). She is thrilled to be part of a company dedicated to improving the lives of women and encouraging them to be their breast selves.

Danielle Rushton

Co-Founder, Chief Innovation Officer

Fruutfull was founded out of Danielle’s love for fashion and the frustration she would feel when trying to find supportive bras. She shied away from wearing certain styles of clothing due to the lack of support existing bra options provided. After years of accepting there were outfits she could never wear, Danielle bought a sewing machine and started teaching herself to sew. It quickly became clear to Danielle that women are in dire need of better bra options altogether. Fruutfull’s mission is to prove that style has no size, only limited size options. Creating her bra design through the eyes of a consumer, Danielle’s new approach to bras will empower women to feel confident and supported in their outfit options, rather than limited. Prior to founding Fruutfull, Danielle spent her career at HSN where she developed extensive experience at the intersection of fashion, retail and technology. Starting on the fashion team she was able to identify trends within the fashion industry, conceptualize new ways to optimize the user experience, and create comprehensive digital campaigns all while providing insight on consumer behavior and shopping habits on multi-channel platforms. Danielle’s role expanded to the social media team where she created targeted campaigns through her understanding of the science behind social media marketing.


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