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St. Petersburg, FL

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It's estimated that 300,000 videos are uploaded to YouTube every day. In the digital age where every vacation, milestone, wedding, engagement, graduation -- just about every memory you can think of is recorded with a mobile phone it is amazing there is no way to associate that video memory with physical and meaningful objects. A framed picture hangs in our living room to serve the purpose of immortalizing the memories from a family vacation - so why not have the videos there with the framed memory where it belongs? How many disjointed experiences do you have of pulling up your favorite video from a vacation when looking through a photo album? In the summer of 2016 my daugher and I left Florida for a 3 week road-trip across the country to visit the west coast and all the national parks along the way. After that trip we naturally made a massive photo album of all the places we visited, along with the memories and details of our journies. The idea for Pixelstix came to me when I began to think of ways to somehow use or build technology to integrate the many videos from our trip into the photo album so that when the photo album was being opened and enjoyed, it was complete with *all* of our memories - not just the ones made into pictures. I live in a city that is known for public art and specifically murals. In fact, our city has over 550 murals that can be enjoyed by anyone walking along the downtown streets, alleys, or any one of the many neighborhoods and arts districts. One of the first uses of Pixelstix was to put videos and other online content on the actual murals themselves as a way for the artists to tell their story, and who they are. This has added tremendous value to both the artists and their audience. Two months after our initial software release in 2018, we established a relationship with the international mural festival that is held annually in our city. We have already added our technology to all of the murals that were completed as apart of the 2018 mural festival and are underway to add our technology to all of the festival's murals from years passed.

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Matthew Walker

Founder & CEO

Pixelstix is owned by Matthew Walker who has been a Software Developer and Solutions Architect for the past 24 years in the Telcom and Health industries with side hustles that include marketing and farming.

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