City, downtown association discuss controversial pier art

At its Wednesday meeting, the St. Petersburg Downtown Neighborhood Association (SPDNA) heard from city representatives regarding the proposed installation of a $2.8 million, 350-foot-sculpture at Spa Beach, part of the $76 million St. Petersburg Pier District Project.

The aerial art piece by Janet Echelman, an internationally acclaimed artist, has gone through a 10-year planning process, according to pier spokesman Chris Ballestra.

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Here’s what Tangerine Plaza could look like

The troubled times of Midtown’s Tangerine Plaza could finally be over, if one of six proposals submitted to the City of St. Petersburg in response to its formal request for proposal pans out.

In late April, the City released its request for proposals (RFP), seeking to redevelop the site within the boundaries of the South St. Petersburg Community Redevelopment Area and the Deuces Live Historic Main Street. The site has seen two major grocery stores open and close since 2005.

By the July 2 deadline, six proposals by six teams were submitted to the city. Each proposes a different future for the retail center. The standard retail options remain in two of the proposals, but four propose out-of-the-box ideas to upgrade this box store to something Midtown has yet to see. Ideas range from an innovative non-profit structure to an affordable housing haven, to entertainment options like an indoor skating rink or an indoor farmer’s market and athletic complex.

The six proposals are as follows:

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Hyperloop discussion on the agenda for Friday transit meeting

The future of public transportation in Florida – maybe the not-too-distant future – will be the topic of discussion Friday at a meeting of the Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority.

The public is invited to attend, and hear a representative of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies make a plea for building a low pressure vacuum-tube system along the Interstate 4 rail corridor.

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Gina Driscoll

On why she chose to enter politics and how she’s navigating the sometimes gauntlet-esque world of government work. [Audio 13:52]

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The Hustle

Carrie Jadus

Formerly an engineer, Carrie Jadus now lives her dream as a professional artist. Jadus' impressionist techniques lend themselves to subjective interpretations of her work. Jadus is both a painter and a narrator, telling stories in her paintings about the physical world, and the beautiful truths that it contains.

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St. Pete Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is St. Pete’s proverbial front door, devoted to entrepreneurship, innovation and social enterprise.

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The Shuffle

Morgan Brochetti
Habitat for Humanity

Stacey Efaw
Habitat for Humanity


Toni Warren
Suncoast Developers Guild

Focus: Green

The new gold rush for green bonds

Investors are lining up to buy green bonds. Can they live up to the hype?


July 18

July 12

July 24

ACUMEN: Pricing

When Cost-Plus Pricing Is a Good Idea [HBR]

HBR STAFF/IMAGE SOURCE/GETTY IMAGES Cost-plus pricing is a lot like the romance novel genre, in that it’s widely ridiculed yet tremendously popular. Almost every manager I know will claim they hate pricing based only on costs. Yet cost-plus pricing remains the most widespread pricing method, used to price everything from a bottle of beer in a bar to multibillion-dollar infrastructure projects.

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