Affordable housing forum sparks ideas, protests

A community conversation to address affordable housing in St. Petersburg drew several potential ideas to create more places where middle and low income city residents can live.

It also drew protestors who said the forum was primarily for investors who want to gentrify south St. Pete.

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The Big Catch to make its big entrance Thursday

After enduring a series of setbacks that might’ve made less determined restaurateurs run for the hills, the Boys in the Burg are finally ready to unveil The Big Catch at Salt Creek.

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Nickel Ride shuts down service

The Nickel Ride, a free transportation service in downtown St. Petersburg and other Florida cities, has suspended its service, according to media reports.

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Teach For America: Wendy Kopp [How I Built This With Guy Raz]

In 1989, college senior Wendy Kopp was trying to figure out how to improve public education in the US.

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Director Bernice Chu is leaving the James Museum

Bernice Chu, Founding Director of St. Petersburg’s James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art, is leaving after two years in the position.

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The Shuffle

Cindy Nguyen


The Hustle

Monica Leonard (Molly's Suds + The Refillery)

Sustainability has long been a hot topic in St. Pete, but entrepreneur Monica Leonard made it a business. After the loss of her daughter Molly, Leonard created Molly's Suds in her memory.

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Friends of Weedon Island

Through the efforts of volunteers and organization members, Friends of Weedon Island dedicates itself to education, preservation and protection of Weedon Island Preserve.

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Paul Wilborn
Palladium Theater

Focus: Health

The Gap Between Rich And Poor Americans' Health Is Widening [NPR]

Income inequality in the U.S. has grown over the past several decades. And as the gap between rich and poor yawns, so does the gap in their health, according to a study published in JAMA Network Open Friday.

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July 23

July 27

Sept. 9

ICYMI: PitchLyst Startup Report: Episode 24, Morgan Hill Partners

Jim Barnish of Morgan Hill Partners speaks with Catalyst publisher Joe Hamilton.

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