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Startup report: 04/23/2019

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Company Sector Added Location Last Round Raised
Entropy Technology Design Technology Mar '19 Tampa, FL Seed $1MM to $2MM
Hyperponic LLC Technology Mar '19 St Petersburg, FL Friends/Family $1MM to $2MM
Fruutfull Retail Feb '19 Tampa, FL Self Under $500,000
Startup Space Communications Feb '19 Dunedin, FL Self Under $500,000
Sans Market Retail Feb '19 St. Petersburg, FL Self Undisclosed
Defynance (a RedPerit Initiative) Finance Feb '19 Tampa, FL Friends/Family Under $500,000
Lunchpool SaaS Feb '19 Tampa/St Petersburg, FL Friends/Family Under $500,000
Intrinio Finance Feb '19 St. Petersburg, FL Seed $1MM to $2MM
Script Education Feb '19 Tampa, FL Seed Undisclosed
Pixelstix Technology Jan '19 St. Petersburg, FL Self Under $500,000


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