Agile Education: Ex-Labs helps bridge the skills gap [Audio 9:28]

It was (and remains) widely known that companies in the area were struggling to find talent to fill the many tech openings. The study found that many local students were unfamiliar with the tech companies in the area. In fact, some were under the impression that they would have to move to cities like Austin or San Franscisco to start a career in tech, despite the vast number of tech companies in the area. Similarly, employers felt that the candidates that did seek jobs were not sufficiently qualified for many of the positions.

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Out with the old: The Dome Grill at 561 Central Ave. has closed

The developments on Central Avenue in St. Pete keep coming, and long-time tenants keep leaving. Some call it gentrification, others call it the consequences of competition.

The latest in the changing tides: The Dome Grill.

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Why Do We Care So Much About Privacy? [New Yorker]

People are inconsistent about the kind of exposure they’ll tolerate. We don’t like to be fingerprinted by government agencies, a practice we associate with mug shots and state surveillance, but we happily hand our thumbprints over to Apple, which does God knows what with them.

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Irv Cohen, SVP

Irv Cohen shares C-suite wall street tales and his vision for supporting start-ups [Audio - 42:34]

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The Hustle

Clifford Wells

I personally work with all of my clients. It’s a philosophy I’ve followed throughout my career as a personal injury lawyer and it’s a philosophy we take very seriously at our law firm.

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As the largest credit union service organization (CUSO) in the United States, it’s comprised of over 900 credit unions. PSCU’s goal is to empower credit unions to compete with larger financial institutions by keeping in front of the demand curve.

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The Shuffle

Brent Gardner
PopStops Marketing

Brittany Fuller


Daniel James Scott
Tampa Bay Tech

Focus: History

The Controversy Over Just How Much History AP World History Should Cover


June 22-24

July 12

July 24