St. Pete's Callyo introduces i911, a game-changer for emergency services

Our nation’s 911 emergency call system isn’t perfect – in many communities, the call centers are understaffed and burdened with outdated infrastructure. And out of approximately 200 million 911 calls made in the U.S. every year, 80 percent of them are made from cell phones.

The American emergency response system is only equipped to triangulate the coordinates of someone calling from a land line.

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What one judge in the Synapse pitch contest will be looking for in startups

When Synapse holds its pitch competition for startups next month, one of the judges will have some specific criteria in mind that will make winners stand out. Here's a sneak peek.

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Former St. Pete councilman and Chamber CEO on opposite sides in plastic straw ban

The St. Petersburg City Council approved a ban on plastic drinking straws in restaurants and most other food establishments starting in 2020, after a two-and-a-half-hour debate that pitted business interests against environmental concerns.

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Meet the Leadership St. Pete Class of 2019 [Photo Gallery]

Forty business and community leaders will start work in January as the 50th class of Leadership St. Pete gets underway.

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The Hustle

Mandy Nicole (Simple and Pretty Co.)

Mandy Nicole, the boss behind it all, has turned her passion for pretty and simple things (i.e. jewelry), into a full-blown brand that teaches other brands how to be successful in the image-heavy online world of Instagram and blogs.

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Friends of Strays

Since 1978, Friends of Strays has saved the lives of countless Pinellas County animals.

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The Shuffle

Amanda Chandler
freeFall Theatre

Susan Haldeman
freeFall Theatre


Dr. Jennifer Hall
Mindset Coaching

Focus: Design

How to redesign cities to fight loneliness [Fast Company]

Simple and smart ideas to create more connections in city life.

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Dec. 15

Jan. 23-24

Feb. 16

ACUMEN: Altruism

How to do good better [Vox]

The case for effective altruism, according to one of its founders

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