St. Pete’s InsideOut hiring 150 after new contracts with T-Mobile, Google

T-Mobile will open a national business-to-business sales center in downtown St. Petersburg.

InsideOut, a St. Petersburg-based sales play development and experimentation company, will build out the new T-Mobile center, said Chad Nuss, co-founder and chief revenue officer at InsideOut.

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Ryan Griffin: How St. Pete businesses, hospitality workers are adapting to Covid-19 mitigation [video]

How are local businesses handling these restrictions? St. Petersburg Chamber CEO Chris Steinocher covers that difficult topic on this episode of Coronavirus Impact Insights with Chamber President Ryan Griffin, a lawyer at Johnson Pope, and owner of Mandarin Hide, Sake 23 and Trophy Fish.

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Pinellas beach businesses uneasy as restrictions take hold

Pinellas County beaches remain open, but businesses that rely on beach visitors are on edge about the economic impact they will feel from efforts to control the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus.

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Florida Aquarium’s SEA SPAN brings the park to the people

In the sort of innovative move many arts, culture and leisure organizations will most certainly be making soon, the Florida Aquarium began reaching out to the public via the Internet Tuesday; the Aquarium’s 30-minute daily segment on Facebook Live is titled SEA SPAN.

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American Stage’s Stephanie Gularte: Trying to plan for the unknown

Wednesday morning, Stephanie Gularte presented a four-phase contingency plan to American Stage’s board of directors. “Planning in an emergency situation is one thing," Gularte said. "But planning in an emergency situation when the rules of that situation are constantly shifting is another."

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BayCare launches drive-thru Covid-19 testing


The Hustle

Bree Swezey (Authentic Edge Design)

After the loss of her mother, Swezey combined her skill with marketing and design with her desire to help women start and grow their businesses while bouncing back from their own traumas. That was the start of Authentic Edge Design.

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Catalyze 2020

Catalyze 2020: Chad Nuss

We partnered with the St Pete EDC and asked some of St. Pete’s best and brightest citizens to share one catalyzing idea for making St. Pete a better place to live. We asked not for lists of problems, but for meaty, actionable and impactful solutions, no matter how big or how small.

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Ryan Griffin
Johnson Pope

Focus: Health Tech

Tampa company makes technology free to help control spread of Covid-19

Developers of DocClocker, an app that lets doctors communicate about wait times with their patients, are doing their part to control the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus.

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Mar. 18

Mar. 18

Mar. 18

ICYMI: Efforts to stop the spread of infection highlight need for Immertec’s VR tools

When Erik Maltais co-founded Immertec in 2017, one of his focuses in creating virtual reality training for physicians was to reduce infections in the operating room.

Fast forward to 2020, and his vision seems prescient, as health care professionals work to combat the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus.

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