New development puts a dent in St. Pete’s affordable housing crisis

Four displaced families from the historic – and troubled – Jordan Park neighborhood have found new homes at Burlington Post, a mid-rise apartment complex for residents 55 and over.

The new development, in the Kenwood District, near the Wal-Mart on 34th Street North, consists of 86 high-quality, affordable senior residences.

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What could Tampa Bay look like in 2045? Transportation plays a huge role

Have you ever wondered what Tampa Bay might look like in the year 2045? Projections show that over a million more people could be living and working in Tampa Bay, already one of the top 20 most populated regions in the country. If the region continues to advance on its current trajectory, if more people migrate into our cities and construction continues to flourish, what could that mean for the already strained transportation infrastructure?

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City Seeks to Fill Vacancy on South St. Petersburg CRA Citizen Advisory Committee [City of St. Petersburg]

Interested in serving on the South St. Peterburg CRA Citizen Advisory Committee? The City will be accepting resumes until August 28, 2018, at 5 p.m.

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[The Atlantic] Introducing Crazy/Genius: Should We Break Up Amazon?

Today, we bring you the second episode of our new show Crazy/Genius, hosted by Atlantic staff writer Derek Thompson. In this episode, Derek asks if Amazon – which may soon be the first trillion-dollar company in the history of the world – has become a dangerous monopoly threatening the U.S. economy.

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The Hustle

Katelyn Grady (Body Electric Yoga Company)

Under the mantra, "Keep Yoga Weird" Grady and her partner Jenny Miller have built a mecca of movement in the space affectionately known as The BE.

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Community Foundation of Tampa Bay

Since its inception, the Community Foundation of Tampa Bay has awarded hundreds of millions of dollars in grants to nonprofits, businesses and individuals in the bay area.

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The Shuffle

Magali Michael

Jeanne Bytell
Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts


Shaun Amarnani
Trenam Law

Focus: Universities

Universities, chasing the startup economy, reshape urban real estate

Partnerships with the startup world have changed how universities invest in cities.


August 22

August 30

September 6

ACUMEN: Meaning

I Don’t Believe in Aliens Anymore[The Atlantic]

Humanity must learn to find meaning without relying on gods or extraterrestrials.

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