Dynasty’s move makes St. Pete ‘center of gravity’ for financial services

Dynasty Financial Partners had plenty of reasons to celebrate Thursday.

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Bank of America takes on housing affordability challenge

The home ownership rate in the United States fell to 64.1 percent in the second quarter of 2019, according to a new report from the U.S. Census Bureau.

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Community Voices: St. Pete’s historic preservation system is broken – let’s do away with 3rd party designation

As St. Petersburg City Council members recently debated the validity of the Driftwood local historic district application, I had visions of them holding up ballots to check for hanging chads.

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Tampa Bay Rays' Bill Walsh talks redesigning baseball stadiums for a new generation of fans

On this episode of Innovation in the 'Burg: Rays baseball. Tampa Bay Rays VP of Strategy and Development Bill Walsh talks with host Alison Barlow and community member (and huge Rays fan) Paul Carder. Walsh talks redesigning stadiums for a new generation of fans, what a new stadium could look like, and how the Rays are meeting the demands of changing consumer behavior.

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Mercy Roberts, 14, soars in American Stage’s ‘Fun Home’

In American Stage’s current production of Fun Home, the 10-year-old Alison is played by Mercy Roberts, who’s 14. “Small Alison” and her father Bruce, a funeral director (that’s where the word “fun” in the title comes from) have an essentially warm and winsome relationship.

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The Shuffle

Tim Hudson
Etairos Health, Inc.


The Hustle

Josh Cameron

Josh "Jubes" Cameron is all in on St. Petersburg. The Australian-born entrepreneur first entered St. Pete's bustling hospitality scene back in 2013 when he bought the First Block's well-known Oyster Bar.

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Florida Holocaust Museum

Established by a group of St. Pete community leaders, the Florida Holocaust Museum honors victims and educates visitors.

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Amy Rettig

Focus: Local artists

ICYMI: Seven-figure capital raise sought for south St. Pete artist studio project

The backer of Fairgrounds, an interactive artist studio experience in south St. Petersburg, plans to raise $1 million from investors to fund the project.

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July 27

July 31

Aug 21

T-Mobile and Sprint get DOJ approval for $26 billion merger deal [Tech Crunch]

The U.S. Department of Justice this morning gave the green light to T-Mobile US and Sprint for their proposed $26 billion merger.

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