Episode #36 of SPx: Hank Hine, The Dali Museum [Audio 54:26]

On this episode of SPx, Ashley and Joe are joined by Dr. Hank Hine, Executive Director of the Dali Museum. Since Dr. Hine's tenure began in 2002, he has overseen the museum's move to its magnificent home at the anchor of Beach Drive and its many special exhibits highlighting Dali's connection and influence on the art community. Dr. Hine talks his role in reframing the Dali Museum's relationship with the business community via the Innovation Labs and highlights Dali's role as "nexus" for a multitude of artists, mediums and subjects throughout the years.

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This week’s St. Pete Pride Festival: By the numbers

According to a 2016 economic impact study, the St. Pete Pride Festival brought in $20 million for the city coffers. Approximately 14,000 hotel rooms were booked.

That was two years ago. And the LGBT parade and street market, which is already, officially the biggest Pride celebration in Florida, has only grown in size and stature. The 16th annual Pride Festival includes five days of activities, starting with a reception Wednesday and culminating with Saturday’s party and parade along Bayshore Drive, and Sunday’s street festival in the Grand Central District.

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Photographer Clyde Butcher interprets ‘Dali’s Spain’

Salvador Dali was a surrealist painter whose bright, colorful, sometimes alarming works defy perspective, time, space, common sense and even gravity. Clyde Butcher’s black and white art photography interprets landscapes: Trees and seas and clouds, rocks and swamps and forests, still and silent and moody and majestic. Rooted in reality.

A new exhibition at St. Petersburg’s Dali Museum makes the case that the art of these two men isn’t as different as it might appear.

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Brian Auld, Tampa Bay Rays

Baseball & beyond - a conversation about the St. Petersburg community, entrepreneurship, and education with Ray President Brian Auld. [Video - 25:24]

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The Hustle


Creator and CEO of Tala Baby - An inspired baby line that helps parents create beautiful, teachable moments between them and their little one.

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The Dali Museum

The Dali Museum has been attracting national and international visitors to St. Petersburg for over three decades. Showcasing the largest collection of Salvador Dali’s work outside of Spain, the Dali Museum is a must-see attraction in the Tampa Bay area.

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The Shuffle

RJ Jacques
Big Sea

Christie Bruner
City of St. Petersburg


Jeff Alagood

Focus: Reacting

Life isn’t about what happens to you. But how you react to what happens to you.


June 22-24

July 12

July 24


Busy But Not Productive

Instead of Lowering Your Price, Lower Your Client's Risk [Ignition Group]

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