New nonprofit puts St. Pete history front and center

At the weedy intersection of Park Street and Elbow Lane, in a region of northwest St. Petersburg known as Jungle Prada, a nondescript white sign announces that Panfilo de Narvaez, the Spanish conquistador and explorer, landed there in 1528. Narvaez launched the first inland exploration of North America – by white Europeans – from the site.

Erected in 2003, when Jungle Prada was added to the National Register of Historic Places, the sign replaced another, even smaller marker, one that had been there for decades. Barely visible from the street, the sign misspelled the great adventurer’s name as Pamfilo.

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The changing American workplace, AgileThought, and design

A strong employee culture permeates the fabric of the office. There are no C-suite offices; those were knocked out when AgileThought moved in. The intentionally open floor plan creates a sense of collaboration. In one specific project area, desks are clumped together in cross-functional working groups (each with its own name, chosen by the members), and sticky-notes cover the walls with tasks to be completed by team members.

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A nuclear plant braces for impact with Hurricane Florence [Wired]

Duke Energy Corp’s dual-reactor, 1,870-megawatt Brunswick plant sits four miles inland from Cape Fear, a pointy headland jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean just south of the city of Wilmington, North Carolina. Brunswick has survived decades of run-ins with hurricanes, but Florence could be its biggest test yet.

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Why Aren't We More Productive? [PlanetMoney]

Since the 1940s, productivity in the U.S. has been on a tear. Until about ten years ago, when it slowed to a crawl. Which is odd, because about ten years ago was when we really began to embrace computing technology and the internet.

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The Hustle

Tanisha Chea (Tala Baby)

Naturally, with C-suite experience and an MBA under her belt, Chea began building out a business plan for Tala Baby - an inspired baby line that teaches morals, values, and character traits that she and her husband believed in.

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Imagine Museum

St. Petersburg’s Imagine Museum is a beautiful collection of studio glass right in the heart of the city’s artistic downtown.

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The Shuffle

Haley Rademacher
Grow Smarter

Krista Quicker
Big Sea


Barbara Mazer Gross

Focus: Equity

Don’t Overlook Equity Issues in City Climate-Action Plans [CityLab]

Cities that fail to make issues of equity and empowerment central to climate-action initiatives are not living up to the values of the movement, says a former mayor of Portland, Oregon.


October 6-14

September 27

September 15

ACUMEN: Productivity

How To Get Unstuck: Candid Thoughts on Getting $#!* Done [Trello]

Motivation is a tricky thing. It’s hard to stay motivated, and it’s hard to find time to work on ourselves. What do we do when “just do it” doesn’t work?

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