Financial services CEO tells how St. Pete won his billion dollar firm

A “community bear hug” from business and government leaders in St. Petersburg was among the factors that convinced Shirl Penney, co-founder and CEO of Dynasty Financial Partners, to relocate the financial services firm.

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Tech Data, Abacode partner on cybersecurity services

The customer pool just got a lot deeper for Abacode, a Tampa company that that works with businesses to address cybersecurity and compliance risks.

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Up close: Megan Therese Rippey of freeFall’s ‘Perfect Arrangement’

Fear and loathing in the 1950s. That’s what Perfect Arrangement, onstage through March 3 at freeFall Theatre, is all about.

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SPx Classic: Kristen Shepherd, Museum of Fine Arts

Kristen Shepherd talks coming home, the business of modern museums and the MFA's Antioch mosaics project.

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Why Is This Cross-Shaped Memorial Constitutional? [The Atlantic]

If a cross-shaped war memorial is allowed, why is it constitutional? The answer will shape how courts around the country respond to monuments, official and “voluntary” public prayer, and other official and semiofficial manifestations of popular faith and belief.

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The Shuffle

Josh Hauser
IT Partners


The Hustle

Sean Hamilton

Sean Hamilton is an artist with serious skill. He spends much of his time touring the country with his drums - performing and improvising in art museums and experimental music spaces.

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Masonite, the residential, architectural and commercial door company whose international headquarters are in Tampa, has a truly long and storied history.

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Brian Bailey

Focus: McKinsey

As McKinsey Sells Advice, Its Hedge Fund May Have a Stake in the Outcome [New York Times]

McKinsey has revealed little about the hedge fund it owns, MIO Partners, concealing many of the investments in shell companies on the island of Guernsey.

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Feb. 21

Feb. 21

Feb. 23

PitchLyst Company: Immertec

The way physicians train has not changed in over 200 years. “See-one-do-one” is the term used to describe this method, which requires physicians to give up multiple days of potential earnings, family time, and patient care to travel to a remote OR and observe a surgery to feel comfortable enough to “do-one” themselves.

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