The independent bookstore is alive and well in St. Petersburg

Not so long ago, a woman walked into Haslam’s Book Store and told store owner Ray Hinst she was looking for a King James Bible, just a small one to tuck into her suitcase for an impending trip.

Hinst dutifully took her back to the shelves containing both new and used religious books. “She reached over and she pulled this King James out,” Hinst remembers. “It was a little worn, and so forth. And when she looked down at the cover … her mother’s name was on it.”

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Catching up with The Weekly Challenger [Audio 16:36]

Lyn Johnson and J.A. Jones stop by the Catalyst to talk shop. They share a vision that they hope to soon make a reality: A publication by kids for kids, with an emphasis on mental health. In the wake of the Parkland shooting, both women are seeing an exacerbation of an already significant problem.

We also get an update on their digitization partnership with USF and how they’re coping with the increasingly difficult print media business. Click the arrow below to listen.

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One Nation, United Yet Different: Valuing Localism [CityLab]

The United States is an amalgam of places and people. As long as essential values are preserved we should appreciate the ability of local government to respond to unique communities.

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Sigal Zarmi

Live from Tampa Bay Tech’s poweredUP event, Sigal Zarmi, CIO of PwC [Video - 2:57]

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The Hustle

Kali Rabaut

Suncoast Compost is changing the way we look at food waste. The small start-up is diverting hundreds of pounds of compostable material from Tampa Bay landfills, and they're only just beginning.

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Bankers Financial Corporation

What began in St. Petersburg as a small insurance company has flourished into a nationwide niche insurer, recognized for its supreme customer service and efficiency. Bankers Financial Corporation oversees six unique businesses providing services ranging from home, flood and business insurance, sureties, risk management, human resource solutions and more.

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The Shuffle

Brent Gardner
PopStops Marketing

Brittany Fuller


Jeff Klinkenberg

Focus: Eavesdropping

Your Phone Is Listening and it's Not Paranoia


June 14

June 22-24

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