Executive profile: Julia MacGregor-Peralta of Global Safety Management

A recent report from declared Tampa Bay America’s top-ranked market for women-owned businesses.

The announcement was duly noted, with a touch of irony, by Julia MacGregor-Peralta, the founder and CEO of Global Safety Management, a compliance company headquartered in Tampa. GSM creates OSHA-mandated Safety Data Sheets for a vast cross-section of manufacturers, using a patent-pending, cloud-based SaaS software designed by MacGregor-Peralta.

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Betty Shop on Central is a family-inspired pop-up boutique

A vacancy on Central Ave. is valuable and establishing a memorable business – even when you have a contract that reminds you it’s temporary – can be exciting.

“I really wanted to create an atmosphere and a business that would honor my grandmother’s legacy,” says Liz Calver, St. Pete native and the founder of Betty Shop, a casual clothing boutique located at 1114 Central Ave. “I wanted it to really reflect her style and her lifestyle, and mine as well.”

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Google doesn’t dispute claims that third-party developers may read your Gmail messages

Another week, another data privacy brouhaha. A Wall Street Journal report on Monday reveals that third-party developers have been reading Gmail users’ emails. According to the WSJ, a number of companies admitted their engineers have read thousands of email messages for reasons such as training machine learning systems.

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Dr. Hank Hine on WEDU

Salvador Dali was one of the most famous artists of the 20th Century. One of the largest collections of his work is right here, at the unique $36 million Salvador Dali Museum in downtown St. Petersburg. The Museum has been called, "one of the top ten buildings to see in your lifetime." Dr. Hank Hine is the long-standing Executive Director of the Dali Museum. [Video 27:32]

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The Hustle

Matthew Walker

PixelStix brings digital content into physical context. It's a sticker that - when in proximity to your phone - links to digital content. This means you can send videos via postcards and photo albums, so they can live outside of social media.

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Spatial Networks

Geospatial intelligence technology provides global human geography data and analytics for government and industry customers.

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The Shuffle

Priscilla Harsham
Halfacre Construction

Sandy Goldman
Bluewater Media


Lyn Johnson
The Weekly Challenger

Focus: Probability

Welcome to the Highly Probable World of Improbability


July 11

July 12

July 24

ACUMEN: Problem Solving

The problem with solving problems [Science Daily]

'Prevalence induced concept change' causes people to re-define problems as they are reduced

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