Kahwa Coffee brews a $6.5 million capital raise

Kahwa Coffee Roasting Co. is launching a $6.5 million capital raise to fuel the company’s expansion throughout Florida.

It’s the first time the 12-year-old St. Petersburg coffee retailer and wholesaler has sought outside investment for the company, although there have been a couple of individual investors who put money into single stores, said Raphael Perrier, who co-owns Kahwa with his wife, Sarah Perrier.

The new capital will be used to add stores — both company-owned and potential franchise operations — as well as increase production and boost marketing, Perrier told St. Pete Catalyst.

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SHINE up close: Meet the Open Call artists

For all the attention being paid the crop of national and international artists in town for the 2018 SHINE Mural Festival, there’s so many reasons to talk about the newcomers – the local muralists getting their first shot at immortality, SHINE style.

Jabil’s Smart Packaging IT Team is the winner in the Tech Innovation Team of the Year award, which recognizes a technology team that developed an innovative project, led an impactful company transformation or launched a game-changing product within their industry.

On an otherwise nondescript (i.e. brown) rear wall of an industrial strip at 4139 7th Terrace South, five young St. Pete residents are applying brush to concrete. They are the “Open Call” artists, winners of a St. Petersburg Arts Alliance search for the finest “unknown” mural artists in the city. They’ve each been assigned a section of the wall, where they’ll be applying paint, and their hugely individual styles, every day – come and watch them at work – through Oct. 14.

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Vinik-backed Dreamit venture fund brings 18 startups to Tampa Bay

Everett Lynn, CEO of Amenify, expects the San Francisco-based real estate technology company to expand into the Tampa Bay by mid-2019.

His hopes for expansion here are bolstered by the two days Lynn is spending locally as part of Dreamit Ventures’ customer immersion event.

Amenify is one of 18 young companies in the current portfolio of Dreamit, an early-stage venture fund that accelerates tech startups focused on healthcare, real estate and the built environment, and security.

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Ted Talk: A playful solution to the housing crisis

Frustrated by her lack of self-determination in the housing market, Sarah Murray created a computer game that allows home buyers to design a house and have it delivered to them in modular components that can be assembled on-site.

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The Hustle

Jake Kurtz (Brick Media Group)

Jake Kurtz built his hustle from the ground up. Working 6pm-11pm on his then-side hustle for three years, Kurts was finally able to take his business full-time.

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LumaStream has built a stronghold in the fast-moving business of LED lighting all over the country

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The Shuffle

Sarah Pennington
Hype Group

Bob Dutkowsky
Raymond James


Marc Blumenthal
Florida Funders/Synapse

Focus: Local Openings

First look inside the new Pilot Bank in St. Petersburg

The young people streaming into ‘Music City’ have big career goals and they don’t involve singing at the Grand Ole Opry.

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Nov 6-7

October 11

October 25

ACUMEN: Social Security

8 Questions About Social Security Answered as Election Day Nears [NYT]

Every two years, voters — whether they already count on the program, expect to or question paying into it — try to make sense of competing claims about it. It’s that time again.

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