Pinellas Covid-19 cases soar, Peerfit makes cuts and other info you need to know

More than half of U.S. small business owners — 51 percent — say their business will not be able to continue operating more than three months due to economic strain caused by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a Goldman Sachs survey of more than 1,500 small business owners conducted March 16-17 and reported by Axios.

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Update: BayCare tightens Covid-19 testing, eliminates most hospital visits

The short supply of testing materials has led BayCare Health System to tighten the criteria for patients that will be tested for Covid-19 coronavirus.

Additionally, the health system, the largest in the Tampa-St. Petersburg area with 15 hospitals including St. Anthony’s Hospital in St. Petersburg, is not allowing visitors to see patients in most circumstances, starting today.

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How this downtown St. Pete restaurant’s business model lets it keep workers on the job

Amid a spate of restaurant closings and employee layoffs, one downtown St. Petersburg restaurant has vowed to stay open and keep its workers on staff for as long as it can.

Pacific Counter, at 660 Central Ave., will retain all its workers for as long as it possibly can, said co-founder Tanner Loebel. The restaurant also is guaranteeing at least $10 an hour for all its workers — a bump for some minimum wage employees – and is giving its workers free meals. It has launched self-delivery by the three owners, with all tips going directly into an employee pool.

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State of Business Media with Brian Hartz and Bridgette Bello [audio]

The coronavirus pandemic is causing uncertain economic times for every industry, but in many ways, it feels like the dying breath of old media.

To discuss how Tampa Bay-based business news publications are keeping up with the times, thriving in the face of market volatility and continuing to serve the public tell important stories, Brian Hartz of Business Observer and Bridgette Bello of Tampa Bay Business and Wealth join Catalyst publisher Joe Hamilton in a conversation on business media.

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Livestreaming music performances: The new normal for now

Networking is even more important for musicians during the current crisis. Broadband and WiFi networking.

Since bars, restaurants and nightclubs are off limits, there are no places to play, and no crowds to play to. More and more musicians are turning to the Internet, to make germ-free connections with audiences via livestreaming performances.

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Elective surgeries, on-premise restaurant dining are off the table as Florida fights the spread of Covid-19


The Hustle


Lunchpool's specialized connection algorithm finds you a lunch mate with a shared professional interest or skill, hobby, or favorite TV show. It also integrates with Google Calendar, Apple iCloud and Microsoft Outlook to make connecting with others as seamless as possible.

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Community Voices

Community Voices: Feeding Tampa Bay seeks help from restaurants to meet growing need.

The size and scope of each of these populations could be significant, and our preparation needs to reflect this potential reality.

Procuring and distributing more than 4.5 million meals every month, Feeding Tampa Bay is equipped to handle all types of food donations, including unopened/unused restaurant product, dry goods and perishable food items such as fruits, vegetables, and frozen meats.

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Bridgette Bello

Focus: Time

Seneca on The Shortness of Time

If we see someone throwing money away, we call that person crazy. This bothers us, in part, because money has value. Wasting it seems nuts. And yet we see others—and ourselves—throw away something far more valuable every day: Time.

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Mar. 21

Mar. 24


Startup Report #58 - Allen Clary - Author of Quit to Start

First-time author and entrepreneur Allen Clary has spent hours interacting with founders both at Tampa Bay Wave and in the entrepreneurship class he teaches at University of Tampa. He decided all that wisdom needed a permanent record and thus he wrote this wide ranging collection of thoughts on how to quit right.

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