Peerfit gets $18M from Virgo Investment

Virgo Investment Group has committed $18 million to Peerfit, a Tampa-based digital health company.

The funding from the San Francisco-based investment group will help Peerfit expand its core brand and move into the Medicare Advantage space, a news release said.

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KnowBe4 turns cybersecurity training into a spy thriller

KnowBe4, a Clearwater-based cybersecurity training firm, is launching a 12-episode video series that brings the pitfalls in office IT security to life.

The series, titled The Inside Man, focuses on an IT security analyst starting a new job where no one suspects he’s already inside their most secure systems, or that sinister forces are pulling his strings.

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Tampa company expands from conference planner to software firm

Tampa tech company eventPower got into the software business by accident.

The company, founded 23 years ago by Frank Powell, originally was called Technology Forums and exclusively worked for government agencies, managing their conferences, before a spending scandal forced it to pivot.

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Post, Shoot [Invisibilia]

What is the relationship between the version of you that lives online and the one that walks around the earth? We think of our online selves as shadow versions of us which we can control. But in this age when facts are malleable, something strange is happening: our online selves are sometimes eclipsing our real ones, even when we don't want them to.

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Songs for all seasons: A conversation with Jimmy Webb

President Bill Clinton once tapped Jimmy Webb on the shoulder at a reception. “Ah want to ask you a question,” the leader of the free world said, smiling, to the legendary tunesmith. Webb held his breath.

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The Shuffle

Dr. Darlyne Bailey
Ultimate Medical Academy


The Hustle

Jackie Walling (1019 Design Lab)

ackie Walling and Pam Stoddard are the creative forces behind Ten Nineteen Design Lab. The former colleagues at 22squared combined their complimentary skill sets to form an agency that does more than branding - true storytelling.

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Building stronger connections during your lunch break.

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Nadine Smith
Equality Florida

Focus: Fire

How PG&E Ignored California Fire Risks in Favor of Profits

Last year, near Paradise, a live wire broke free of a tower that was a quarter-century past what PG&E considers its “useful life.” What followed destroyed nearly 14,000 homes and killed 85 people. It was the most destructive wildfire in California history.

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Mar. 21

Mar. 23

Apr. 5

Pitchlyst Company: Intrinio

Accessing financial data feeds from large vendors is outdated, expensive, and full of restrictions. Intrinio upends that model by providing the most affordable, accessible ecosystem for financial data feed integrations.

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