Executive profile: Rita Lowman of Pilot Bank

In the late 1970s, Rita Lowman’s hometown newspaper ran a story on her – a rising star, brimming with optimism, coming up with motivational programs at the local bank. Headlined At 25, She’s Young For Job But Has Confidence to Share, the story asked Lowman what she saw herself doing it 20 years?

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Tampa Bay Wave companies make their pitch

Seven tech companies in Tampa Bay Wave’s new post-accelerator cohort made their business case for a group of potential investors and customers Thursday night at The Verve Lounge.

Unlike the young startups that Wave most often helps build, launch and grow, these seven later-stage companies that have shown they can perform in the marketplace.

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Philanthropist Kiran Patel takes new approach in funding Clearwater medical school

Dr. Kiran Patel has formed an investment group and is seeking to raise $38 million to help fund construction of the Nova Southeastern University Tampa Bay regional campus in Clearwater.

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Priced Out: Episode 6 - How Housing Is Tied To Food Insecurity [NPR]

With housing insecurity comes food insecurity. This week we hear a story from community health reporter Anh Gray about the Northern Nevada Food Bank and the food pantries in the area.

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The Hustle

Niajae Wallace

Niajae Wallace ditched her brick and mortar business and became a lifestyle design coach. Now that she enjoys having more freedom, she efficiently runs her business while sitting poolside.

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Heels to Heal

Heels to Heal helps domestic violence and sexual assault survivors embark on a path of recovery.

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The Shuffle

Bobby Eagle
Tech Data

Dave Campbell


Marc Blumenthal

Focus: Cannabis

Marijuana as medicine: Medical cannabis in Tampa Bay

The city of St. Petersburg provides an interesting case study of a market for medical cannabis. St. Pete is a city with a very clear age gap between an elderly population of retirees and a conspicuous cohort of young, urban, millennial professionals. St. Pete’s progressive values have made it a welcoming market for medical cannabis dispensaries.

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Dec. 7

Dec. 12

Feb. 16

ACUMEN: Design

How to Create Safer Public Housing Projects [CityLab]

Despite their fearsome reputation, a new study finds most low-income housing projects aren't magnets for crime. What makes some more dangerous?

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