Synapse names Spanx CEO Sara Blakely as keynote for 2020 Summit

Spanx founder and CEO Sara Blakely will be the featured keynote speaker at Synapse Summit 2020, a two-day conference to highlight innovation in Florida and in the Tampa-St. Pete area.

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StPete2050, a ‘gift to the future,’ opens with a packed house

About 300 people used markers, maps, labels and their imaginations to begin creating a vision for what St. Petersburg will be like 30 years from now.

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St. Pete alters approach to Commerce Park development

St. Petersburg officials now are working with two groups interested in development in Commerce Park, an economically challenged area of south St. Petersburg.

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St. Petersburg Foodies Podcast Episode 60: Grassroots Kava House

Our featured interview today is with Kenn Hoyumpa & Jeff Connelly from Grassroots Kava House. Before opening Grassroots, Kenn was actually part of the very first Kava bar in North America, and he travelled to Vanuatu where Kava originated.

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Eric Whitacre takes TFO, Chorale into Hubble’s ‘Deep Field’

In a Straz Center dressing room, Eric Whitacre is talking about his choral work Lux Aurumque, commissioned by the Master Chorale of Tampa Bay in 2000, and first performed here...

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The Shuffle

Cheryl Holly
Freedom Bank


The Hustle

James Spencer (Crescent Womb)

Sometimes, innovation comes out of necessity. In 2014, as a 22-year old soon-to-be father and business student at St. Pete College, James Spencer took every parenting class he could, studying up on his new role.

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Community Voices

Community Voices: Our Green Bench

"Family members of mine were persecuted so that I could enter through the front door of any restaurant and freely sit on whatever bench I chose. I decided that my bench would be green; that I would sit, lie, climb, and stand on what others could not..."

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J.P. DuBuque
St. Pete EDC

Focus: Service

Portrait of an Inessential Government Worker [Bloomberg]

Glory isn’t part of the deal when you go to work for the federal government.

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Nov. 15-17

Nov. 15

Nov. 21

LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner on the Challenge of Moderation [Wired]

The professional networking site won’t police misinformation generally, he says, to avoid inserting itself into messy user debates about the truth.

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