The Penny Hoarder cuts staff

The Penny Hoarder has laid off some of its workers.

The St. Petersburg-based personal finance website confirmed the layoffs, which were initially reported on social media Wednesday morning. It did not say how many people were let go or the size of the staff that remains.

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Florida nonprofit SELF tops $1 million in lending for low-income Gulf Coast homeowners

SELF, a nonprofit organization that lends to low-wealth homeowners, is making an impact on the contracting business in St. Petersburg and Hillsborough County.

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Tampa company Lumina develops app to keep communities safe

Lumina, a Tampa data analytics company, has launched S4, a crowd-sourced mobile app designed to protect communities.

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Origin Story: Geoff Dyer – Lifestyle Family Fitness & Crunch Fitness [Audio]

At the age of 18, Australian born Geoff Dyer weighed in at 250 pounds. Dyer joined a gym and lost the extra weight in three months, an experience that he says changed his life. He went on to found Lifestyle Family Fitness, one of the most ubiquitous fitness clubs in Tampa Bay prior to its sale in the early 2010s.

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Pianist Ricky Nye celebrates blues, boogie and woogie at the Palladium

Both Ricky Nye and Bob Seeley – members of the International Boogie Woogie Hall of Fame – will be at the Palladium Theater Saturday (March 23) for the 10th annual Boogie Woogie Blues Piano Stomp.

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The Shuffle

Dr. Darlyne Bailey
Ultimate Medical Academy


The Hustle

Christina Fairbrother (Bee Content Yoga)

Christa Fairbrother began on her path to teaching yoga as a farrier, shoeing horses in a hunched-over position for hours on end each day. She took a yoga class to help with her back, and ended up integrating the practice into her daily routine.

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Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) is an interactive playground that offers hands-on science, technology and engineering exhibits for the Tampa Bay community.

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Paul Wilborn
Palladium Theater

Focus: Classics

How The Very Hungry Caterpillar Became a Classic [The Atlantic]

Eric Carle’s colorful story about metamorphosis remains a staple of baby showers and classroom bookshelves 50 years after its release.

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Mar. 21

Mar. 23

Apr. 5

Custom framing startup Framebridge is opening two retail stores

Framebridge, a custom framing startup that has raised more than $67 million. The company is launching two new retail stores in the D.C. area, one downtown and one in Bethesda.

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