Warning signs ahead for the local economy

A slowdown in population growth, an increasing wage gap and relatively low levels of single-family building permits are potential red flags for the Florida economy, a new report suggests.

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Arts Alliance names writer Sterling Watson a MUSE award winner

After 35 years teaching creative writing at Eckerd College, Sterling Watson whittled down an expedient answer to his most frequently asked question: What does it takes to become a successful writer?

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2018 in review: Beth Vivio, Corporate Fitness Works

In August, Michael and Beth Vivio bought Corporate Fitness Works, a St. Petersburg business that provides wellness and fitness programming for companies nationwide. The power couple — he’s the former CEO of Valpak and she’s a former executive director for the Girl Scouts — own all of Corporate Fitness Works with Beth having majority ownership, retaining the company’s woman-owned designation. Here’s Beth Vivio reflecting on 2018 and looking ahead to 2019.

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Stitch Fix's Katrina Lake At The HIBT Summit [How I Built This]

Stitch Fix founder Katrina Lake sat down with Guy Raz in front of a live audience in San Francisco in October to discuss building culture at a billion-dollar company, and why it's important – even for the CEO – to "rehire" yourself every year.

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The Hustle

Frank Strunk III

Frank Strunk III grew up amidst the smells of paper and ink, in the mechanical roar of his father's D.C. area commercial printing business. To meet Frank is to shake the fire-proof hand of a self-taught artist who pushes the the artistic and physical boundaries of his materials.

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Pioneering in St. Pete since before it was cool. The travel insurance comparison site was an early addition the downtown scene when it took over the top floor of the City Center building in 2012.

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The Shuffle

Tara Semb
Bovie Medical

Mark Cantrell
The Florida Orchestra


Dave Chitester
2018 In Review

Focus: Security

Get ready for the privacy law showdown of 2019 [WIRED]

Tech giants are racing the clock to supersede California’s law with a more industry-friendly federal bill. Given the bipartisan backlash to Big Tech in 2018, it seems possible that a deal on regulation could be reached, even in a divided Congress.

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Dec. 31

Jan. 23-24

Feb. 16


A simple guide to CRISPR, one of the biggest science stories of the decade [Vox]

It could revolutionize everything from medicine to agriculture. Better read up now.

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