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Name: Mark and Amy Anderson (St. Pete Salt Works)

Posted By Megan Holmes

By now, you've likely heard of floatation therapy. Flotation therapy in tanks has been a method of relaxation since the 1950s, but historically, floating on top of still salt water, and the health benefits derived, have been around for thousands of years. Highschool sweethearts and long-term 'Burgers Amy Anderson and her husband Mark are pioneering the practice in our city. They saw a need and an opening in the market and established St. Pete Salt Works this year. This up-and-coming business is the only one of its kind in the city thus far, making it a destination for those who want to experience the benefits of flotation therapy. Check in out on MLK & 5th Ave N.

Years in Tampa Bay

The business was established in August of this year. I was born and raised in St. Pete, and Mark came here in 1985.

Hustle (job)

Owner and float facilitator.

What do you do?  

Pusher of NOTHING!
Trying to chill out St. Pete, one float at a time!

Why do you do it?

We saw a need for a space to completely “check out” from the outside world for a bit. I saw firsthand how important this is, and made it my path to help out both the ones we love and this great city we call home.

What was your Catalyst? (How did you get started?)

I started following the research and science behind how important this was, so we took a 50 year old clinically studied practice (R.E.S.T.) and wrapped a spa around it.

What’s a common misconception or unknown aspect of what you do?

I can just float in my tub or at the beach, right?

This is next level relaxation. We have created a space/room that is yours for an hour. It is soundproof and lightproof (if you want it to be – if you want lights, there are fiber optic twinkle lights that you have control of). We added 1000 pounds of Epsom salt in a 8′ x 4′ tub so you float effortlessly (like in the Dead Sea). The solution is only 10 inches deep, and is the same temperature as your skin. This a is very unique environment that creates an effect on the body and mind that words don’t do justice – you must experience it!

What’s the most challenging part of your Hustle?

Everyone needs nothing and nothing is hard to find these days.

Spreading the word and educating people on how important it is to take an hour to reset, recover and recharge is a surprisingly big challenge.

What’s the most valuable piece of business advice/insight that’s helped you?

Keep on keeping on! Be the change you want to see in the world!

What is Floatation Therapy?

St. Pete Salt Works is St. Pete’s first spa dedicated to Floatation Therapy! Floatation Therapy is a salt water treatment in which one gets to experience full sensory relief. How do you experience complete R.E.S.T? There are few key elements that make a float: 1000 pounds of epsom salt in just 200 gallons of water warmed to your skin temperature (an average of 93.5 degrees), complete darkness, perfect silence, and almost zero gravity weighing on the body. Just you, your breath, and a weightlessness you’ve yet to experience.

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