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FIBA Announces the 12 Israeli Companies Accepted Into the 2019 Launch Program




The team of the Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA) spent the last quarter of 2018 sifting and screening close to a hundred companies that applied to the FIBA Launch Program. With the help of five Executive Advisors and numerous subject matter experts from the Tampa Bay community, FIBA selected 12 outstanding companies, which is a significant increase from the 8 companies that participated in its 2018 program. The 12 Israeli companies have collectively raised $35 million and are looking to raise an additional $35 million to fund expansion of US operations. Most of the companies are post revenue. They all offer cutting edge innovation in retail, security, construction, and healthcare technology.

The FIBA Launch Program is focused primarily on assisting the participating companies with market validation and sales coaching, as well as introductions to potential investors, customers and strategic partners. The companies will be in Tampa January 21st to February 15th and will return to Tampa from March 11th to March 15th for the program. Key opportunities to meet and engage with the FIBA companies during the program include:  Synapse Summit at the FIBA suite in Amelie Arena on January 23rd 1:30pm-3:00pm, Connection to Innovation at Bryan Glazer Family JCC on February 13th 5:30pm-7:30pm and FIBA Demo Day at Five Labs on March 12th 8am-11am. For more info:

Learn about the 12 companies joining the FIBA 2019 program:

Wasteless, an innovative technology for grocers with the mission to reduce food waste. The value of a food item decreases as it gets closer to its expiration date, yet the price stays the same; Wasteless provides a real-time dynamic pricing engine for perishable food sold at grocery stores. The system reduces food waste and increases revenue by optimizing markdowns, accelerating the emptying of shelves and decreasing food disposal and the cost associated with it.

Vorpal, a drone detection and mitigation system. Vorpal’s solution can assist in situations with ‘suspicious’ drones flying around secured areas, similar to what happened at Gatwick airport around the holidays causing thousands of delays, VigilAir is Vorpal’s state-of-the-art drone detection, geolocation and tracking solution. It provides a unique drone aerial situational awareness picture with extremely high accuracy and clarity to locate ‘suspicious’ drones.  

VideoTherapy is a tele-rehab solution. The platform is a data-driven clinically proven remote physical therapy platform that transfers the physical therapy session to the patient’s home so patients don’t need to wait for appointments and travel for therapy. Physical therapists can build personalized step by step therapy programs for a wide variety of conditions and monitor patient’s compliance and progress remotely.

SiteAware has turned off-the-shelf consumer drones into autonomous high accuracy, high performance construction robots that use computer vision and AI. The ‘smart drone’ offers quality assurance and progress monitoring for high rise buildings. The technology helps construction companies, owners and real-estate developers to meet project budget, timelines, quality and safety. This technology that improves productivity is a dream-come-true for real-estate developers that lose trillions of dollars in construction jobsite execution.

Routier helps hotels address guest concerns and complaints in real time before they check out with the goal to improve their ranking on traveler review sites. Routier is a cloud based hospitality integration software that uses AI operations as a superior communication between guests and hospitality staff. Routier’s internal chat hub, automated guest messaging hub, task/request management, and performance indicators help hotels streamline communications, provide transparency, and maintain brand standards.

QinFlow offers next-generation blood and IV fluid warming solution for the entire continuum of emergency care (field and hospitals). Trauma and hypothermia are a lethal combination, but administering blood / IV fluids at body temperature at the site of injury can save lives. The QinFlow medical device allows first responders and emergency room staff to simply and efficiently warm blood, plasma or other fluids for immediate transfusion which can result in countless lives saved, especially in a mass casualties event.

Physimax empowers athletes and coaches to improve performance and reduce injury risk using objective, data-driven musculoskeletal evaluation utilizing cloud-based technology.  Physimax automatically measures and scores mobility, stability, strength, and movement control according to evidence-based body movement patterns by real time computer vision analysis, providing data-driven, population specific, comparable scores accompanied with actionable, personalized workout programs.

NeuroApplied is a marketers branding dream: it analyzes both conscious and subconscious brand perceptions without the use of any special equipment. The technology measures subconscious brand perception for better positioning and messaging. This allows brand managers to create an effective brand for sustainable growth through the ability to “personify” the brand with characteristics and behavior.

MedFlyt offers a cloud-based platform and mobile app that changes the way home health care agencies are matching caregivers with patients at home and managing the routine tasks of the caregivers. It simplifies the staffing process using a web-based platform for agencies to better staff patients and help caregivers through real-time alerts for new opportunities to increase their income. 

Fieldbit is an augmented reality solution for enterprise field services and industrial manufacturing. It provides enterprise-grade collaboration software solutions for field service workers and equipment manufacturers, leveraging augmented reality. This innovative software enables remote experts to send precise visual instructions to field technicians using real-time augmented reality, live video, messaging and voice.

BuilderEdge automates construction project schedule, budget, quality inspections, and management. The solution is designed for General Contractors (GC), specializing in repetitive construction – hotels, multi-family and single-family housing, office buildings, schools, hospitals etc. BuilderEdge is the first holistic plug and play construction manager system that provides complete control from foundation to finish.

Last but certainly not least, Agamon helps healthcare organizations harness untapped revenues and improve clinical performance by unlocking the value of critical data, trapped within unstructured medical reports. Specifically, this platform takes radiology reports and mines and structures the data so it can be utilized by the provider for research, compliance and utilization growth.

FIBA is excited to introduce this promising addition to the Tampa Bay tech community and continue its mission to become the leader of ushering innovative Israeli companies into the U.S. market.

About FIBA

The Florida-Israel Business Accelerator (FIBA – pronounced Fee-Bah) is a Florida-based business development and community engagement project established by the Tampa Jewish Community Centers & Federation and supported by the State of Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity, Hillsborough County and the generous support of several community philanthropists.  FIBA provides a soft landing for Israeli tech companies that are ready to expand into the US market. FIBA offers entrepreneurs strategic alignment with corporate partners, facilitates introductions to prospective customer, strategic partners and investors, assists with sales and lead generation activities and encourages the companies to establish a U.S. subsidiary in Tampa Bay that is responsible for sales, marketing, tech and customer support throughout North America.

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