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Entropy Technology Design

Year Established







Tampa, FL

Amount Raised

$1MM to $2MM





Entropy's NIMBUS smart sensor, hardware and software technology provides a groundbreaking new and untapped VLF data-field of real-time severe weather and threat detection unavailable elsewhere today. Climate change and threats like malicious drones are on the rise. NIMBUS addresses concerns for safety, productivity and liability in real-time. Entropy was recently awarded a Phase 1 SBIR for drone detection. Entropy's CEO bring over a decade experience manufacturing, marketing and selling over $3M in lightning detection products to customers worldwide. The team of engineers, many from MIT have over 30 years expertise in low frequency magnetic field detection. NIMBUS smart sensors are small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and powerful enough to see out 1000 kilometers providing real-time data and alerts. Fully developed, NIMBUS will provide up to two hour warning of tornadoes. NIMBUS Technology also detects other energy signatures of potential threats such as failing distribution transformers for infrastructure mapping, detection of drones, (both above ground and underwater), incoming mortar for our military, tunneling, sandstorms and earthquakes.

Company Leadership

Tami Fitzpatrick

CEO / Founder

Tami Fitzpatrick is founder and CEO of Entropy Technology Design based in Tampa. With over a decade experience in manufacturing, global sales and marketing of over $3M in weather detection products to over 22 countries worldwide, Ms. Fitzpatrick’s professional background includes 25 years’ experience in small corporate management, public relations, international trade, with expertise in advanced technology development, and product conceptualization. As an active entrepreneur, mentor and panel speaker, Fitzpatrick was appointed by the Florida House of Representatives to serve as Vice-Chair for the Florida SBDC State Advisory Board and also served on the Florida Chamber of Commerce Board of Governors and as their Small Business Council Chair. Entropy Technology Design Entropy is a state certified Woman-Owned Small Business (WOSB)

Edward Shaver

Chief Technology Officer / Lead Scientist

Physicist Edward F. Shaver is the Chief Technology Officer of Entropy. Prior to joining Entropy, Mr. Shaver led development and production for the ThunderBolt and SkyScan products. The SkyScan product, introduced in 1995, pioneered the industry as the first commercially viable hand-held lightning detector. The ThunderBolt product, introduce in 2003, was the first hand-held product capable of tracking the motion of full thunderstorms, introducing the ability to offer Estimated Time of Arrival for storm activity at a particular location. In 2012, Mr. Shaver developed the StormVector Area Warning System, which used wireless communication to build auto-meshing networked storm warning alert beacons of unlimited size. This allowed for the implementation of the ThunderBolt storm warning in large industrial facilities, college campuses, and even areas the size of small cities. Mr. Shaver was also part of the development and manufacturing design team for the P5 Personal Lightning Detector for Sky Scan Technologies.


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