Tampa Bay Tech community pulls together as CareSync closes

“It will all work out, it always does!”

Optimistic words from a friend watching me go through the agonizing task of job-hunting many, many years ago. It’s the worst. You have to exude confidence when you are mostly just terrified. You dress up, you play the part, you pray, you wait. The worst.

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Zero Pinellas initiative announced by partnering area health organizations

Leaders of six area cross-sector organizations convened for a press conference Wednesday morning – National HIV Testing Day – to announce Zero Pinellas, a transformative partnership that will work to reduce new HIV infections by half over the next three years.

“Six people from six different organizations across sectors coming together for one social problem: That is unique in our country. I wish it weren’t, but it is unique in our country,” said Randall Russell, Executive Director of the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, the funder behind the initiative.

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Benefit or burden? The cities trying out universal basic income [The Guardian]

Cities around the world are experimenting with basic income schemes. The benefits for residents seem obvious – but what’s in it for the cities?

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Andy Gold

Everyday Entrepreneurship - HCC receives $250,000 matching grant to help small businesses.

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The Hustle

Stephanie Newton

She thought that Tampa Bay needed a unique flower-buying experience. Why not a mobile one? This idea took her to Asheville, N.C., where she purchased a 1968 Volkswagen van she'd later dub Posies Flower Truck. You may have seen the blue vintage vehicle in various St. Pete locations - parked next to Bandit Coffee Co. on Central, or under the trees next to the entrance to Rollin' Oats on Martin Luther King.

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After acquiring St. Pete-based Jabil AfterMarket Services in 2014, iQor transitioned from NYC to downtown St. Petersburg, bringing its global reach with it.

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The Shuffle

Ashley Jimenez
St. Pete Chamber

Kim Vogel


J. P. DuBuque
St. Pete E.D.C.

Focus: Driving



June 27

July 12

July 24

ACUMEN: Content

Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working. Here’s Why. [Big Sea]

Your posts are unread, your Instagram is a graveyard, and your white paper offer is anything but lead generating. It’s time to face it — there’s a problem with your content. Maybe it isn’t optimized for search, so it languishes on page 10 of Google. Or maybe you’re only sharing press releases disguised as blogs. Or … maybe you’re just not that good of a storyteller. No matter what the specific problem is, it all amounts to the same thing: Your content marketing sucks.

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