FIBA company ventures into space while deepening Tampa connections

A vest designed by StemRad to protect astronauts from dangerous deep space radiation will be part of a SpaceX flight this summer.

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What businesses need to know about St. Pete’s new noise ordinance

After years of negotiation between residents, local businesses and city staff, on May 16 St. Petersburg City Council voted unanimously to amend the City’s noise ordinance to increase the enforceability of the city’s noise ordinance, and stiffen penalties for offending businesses.

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Here’s why St. Pete’s Penny Hoarder has gone to court against a bigger rival

For a website developer, source code is fundamental.

At The Penny Hoarder, a St. Petersburg-based personal finance website, the source code is the culmination of years of investment and development.

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Live Episode! Tofurky: Seth Tibbott [How I Built This With Guy Raz]

Seth Tibbott may be the only founder in the world who grew his business while living in a barn, a teepee, and a treehouse.

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In a different light: Photographer Rob Fazio’s ‘Altered Reality’

Sometimes it seems that moving away from the old hometown, and staying away for a good long time, is the best way to fully appreciate what’s special and beautiful about it.

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The Shuffle

Taylor Cox


The Hustle

Jake Kurtz (Brick Media Group)

Jake Kurtz built his hustle from the ground up. Working 6pm-11pm on his then-side hustle for three years, Kurtz was finally able to take his business full-time.

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Oxford Exchange

For more than five years, Oxford Exchange has served as a premier, upscale gathering place in the Tampa Bay area.

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Gina Driscoll
St. Pete City Council

Focus: Hurricanes

Duke Energy rolls out smart grid technology in advance of hurricane season

Technology that can minimize or avoid power outages will play an increasingly important role at Duke Energy, as the company gears up for hurricane season.

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June 6

June 6

June 7

PitchLyst Startup Report: Ingrid Harb

Joe catches up with Ingrid Harb of Women Ambassador's Forum.

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