Mother Kombucha origin story with founder Tonya Donati [Audio]

St. Petersburg was formally introduced to kombucha more than four years ago, when occupational therapist turned mother of St. Pete’s kombucha industry, Tonya Donati, launched Mother Kombucha. The bootstrapped operation began selling its tasty fermented concoctions at the Saturday Morning Market and small businesses around downtown and beyond.

Listen to the mother of Mother Kombucha herself, Tonya Donati, talk with Catalyst publisher Joe Hamilton in the Catalyst studio.

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Sept. 14 in Tampa: Working Women State Conference

In her book Disrupters: Success Strategies from Women Who Break the Mold, Dr. Patti Fletcher discusses the value of networking. “Our wonder women don’t just network inside their industry,” Fletcher writes. “They purposely cultivate a network that spans multiple industries.”

Fletcher, one of America’s most sought-after business authors and speakers, will talk common-sense strategy – touching on ways to spark the fire of imagination and possibility – at the sixth annual Working Women State Conference, Sept. 14 at The Bryan Glazer Family JCC in Tampa.

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Slack Raises $427 Million More, at $7.1 Billion Valuation [New York Times]

Slack, the four-year-old workplace messaging company, said on Tuesday that it had raised $427 million in new funding, just a year after its last huge infusion of money. The latest round values the company at $7.1 billion.

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[Planet Money] The Indicator: Why People Can't Get Work Done At Work

Today's beach read recommendation is "It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work," by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson, the co-founders of Basecamp. On today's episode, Jason talks to Cardiff.

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The Hustle

Vincent Shook (Florida Orange Groves Winery)

Since 1991, the Shook family has produced wine Florida-style. The winery officially opened in 1997, offering more than 43 kinds of tropical wines.

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Pathfinder Outdoor Education

Pathfinder Outdoor Education harnesses the power of the great outdoors to teach practical, applicable life skills and lessons.

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The Shuffle

Nate Gilmore

Carol Martin Brown
Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg


Nadine Smith
Equality Florida

Focus: Carbon

Will Washington State Voters Make History on Climate Change?

The state could be the first in the union to adopt a carbon price by ballot.


August 30

September 6

September 15

ACUMEN: Tough Conversations

A More Humane Approach to Firing People[HBR]

Every manager knows the termination playbook...

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