Rising Tide is St. Pete’s latest co-working space

Introducing the Rising Tide Innovation Center, a state-of-the-art, 8,000 square foot co-working space. The fourth floor of 433 Central Avenue – which includes the offices of Fletcher and Fischer, P.L. – and the third floor have been fully fitted with large, medium and small offices, conference rooms, dedicated and temporary workspaces and more, in a sleek and professional steel, glass and wood motif. The Internet is ultra high speed, the chairs are comfortable and the coffee is hot.

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@ the St. Pete Catalyst #2

Month two is in the books and life is good at the Catalyst. It's time to celebrate our growth from baby news platform to...well..a slightly less drooly baby news platform.

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Make Beach Drive the heart of your #NationalMuseumDay []

St. Pete is a great museum city, and today is national museum day. Our friends at have the latest on celebrations, discounts and more.

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Kila Englebrook

The Social Enterprise Alliance CEO joins Wilma Norton on Inspired Giving [Audio - 40:44]

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The Hustle


He's been bringing authentic passion to the St Pete scene for years and his legend continues to grow. He embodies everything the Hustle celebrates and someone needs to put one of those house arrest ankle bracelet things on him to make sure he never leaves St Pete.

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YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg

By focusing on the specific needs and vulnerabilities of south St. Petersburg and bringing necessary infrastructure to those communities, the Y has produced over 400 jobs, raised property values and served as an example for other businesses to follow suit.

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The Shuffle

Mike Ehresman

Lauren Martin
B2 Communications


Bill Edwards
B. E. Foundation

Focus: Order

Jordan Peterson - Custodian of the Patriarchy


June 13

May 23

May 30


Busy But Not Productive

It’s performance review time, and John Adams is being praised by his boss for being 89% billable. His colleague Jane Austin — who has similar experience and plays a similar role — was only 62% billable this year. Which is the most productive employee?

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