County, state declare the Redington Long Pier a safety hazard

What’s to become of the Redington Long Pier? The big winds and pounding waves of Dec. 21 buckled several of its thick round knees and twisted sections of decking to peculiar angles; Redington Shores residents afterwards reported picking pieces of broken planks out of the surf.

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New CEO at MarineMax gets a pay hike

Brett McGill got a 31 percent increase in his salary when he was promoted to president and CEO of MarineMax Inc. on Oct. 1.

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Bike-friendly businesses and Castor on climate change

- St. Petersburg is one of five cities nationwide with the most bicycle-friendly businesses, according to the League of American Bicyclists.

- House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi has named Kathy Castor, D-Tampa, as chair of the new Select Committee on Climate Crisis.

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A Very Planet Money Christmas Carol [NPR]

Charles Dickens wanted to pick a fight with economists. So he invented Ebenezer Scrooge. But did he get it all right?

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The Hustle

The Movement Sanctuary

Jessica DeLeo, co-founder of the Movement Sanctuary, knew that opening a training center would be a challenging process. But her desire to work in a community where people value wellness motivated her to accept the challenge.

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PowerChord transforms how brands drive local sales, both online and in-store by creating a universal branded experience, and syndicating it to thousands of locations.

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The Shuffle

Tara Semb
Bovie Medical

Mark Cantrell
The Florida Orchestra


Michael Vivio
2018 In Review

Focus: Innovation

2018 in review: Erik Maltais, Immersive Tech, Inc.

When we spoke with Immersive Tech CEO Erik Maltais last September, he and his partner Jon Clagg, a full stack developer in automation and telecommunications, had just developed and perfected a revolutionary new form of proprietary VR technology. We caught up with Maltais to review 2018, and take a look ahead at 2019.

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Dec. 31

Jan. 23-24

Feb. 16

ACUMEN: Publishing

The "Future Book" is here, but it's not what we expected [Wired]

The Future Book was meant to be interactive, moving, alive. Its pages were supposed to be lush with whirling doodads, responsive, hands-on. The old paperback Zork choose-your-own-adventures were just the start.

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