St. Pete 2.0 - through the housing lens with Karl Nurse [Audio 11:48]

In this installment of St. Pete 2.0, former City Councilperson Karl Nurse stops by the Catalyst studio to share his insight on housing in our city. With over 9 years of service on the Council, Nurse has had a front row seat for our civic evolution.

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CDC recognizes St. Pete YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program

The YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg Diabetes Prevention Program has become the first such lifestyle change plan in Florida to receive full recognition by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is one of just eight diabetes prevention programs nationwide to receive this recognition.

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‘Abraham, Martin and John’: The St. Petersburg connection

Dick Holler’s “Abraham, Martin and John” is one of the most-recorded songs of the last 50 years. Written in the immediate aftermath of the June 5, 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy, which happened just two months after Martin Luther King, Jr. had been gunned down, the song touched an chord in Americans forced to deal with the roiling emotions of the time.

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Andrew Wilson - Accenture

Live from TBT's poweredUP - Accenture CIO, Andrew Wilson [Video - 3:48]

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The Hustle

Heath Fogelman

True to its name, the platform seeks open up conversations and change the dialogue between people that are different from one another in terms of religion, politics, race, gender, gender identity, and sexuality.

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YMCA of Greater St. Petersburg

Serving nearly 80,000 individuals annually in a community with a population of approximately 400,000, the YMCA has purposefully and historically committed the fullest extent of its resources to those in need.

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The Shuffle

Brent Gardner
PopStops Marketing

Christie Bruner
City of St. Petersburg


Nadine Smith
Equality Florida

Focus: Funds

Fund Managers Are Ditching Wall Street for Florida


June 14

June 22-24

July 24

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