BayCare: Covid-19 test results ‘not nearly as quickly’ as expected

BayCare Health System will resume its drive-thru Covid-19 testing at three locations, including at Carillon in St. Petersburg, on Monday.

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Madico CEO: The benchmark for normal has changed forever

A Pinellas Park manufacturer could shift part of its production line to make lightweight, low-cost face shields to help stem the spread of Covid-19 coronavirus.

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Roundup: Wells Fargo projects ‘sharp but short’ Florida recession, resources for startups, Raymond James donation, Wave emergency fund

Caution by the banking and real estate sector appears to have positioned Florida to weather a recession brought on by the havoc wreaked by Covid-19, according to a report from Wells Fargo Securities.

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Impact Catalyst: Episode 1 - Dru Rabin + The Jobs Catalyst Initiative [Video]

Introducing Impact Catalyst, a new element of St. Pete Catalyst's coverage. Each episode will feature a local nonprofit leader or effort.

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‘The Catalyst Sessions’: A recap of our first streaming interviews

There have only been three “episodes” this far, but each – despite our fair share of technical glitches, the occasional gaffe and a freaky background that made parts of my head seemingly disappear at random – has resulted in an interesting – and, we hope, enlightening – interview. And more.

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Your daily dose of levity: Clap for carers; ‘The Kindness Diaries’; St. Pete’s own Danny and Alex


The Hustle

Kim Porter (Sunshine Mini Murals)

If there's one thing that makes St. Petersburg's streets unique, its ever-growing collection of murals are certainly top of the list. With Sunshine Mini Murals, designer Kim Porter is bringing a mini piece of St. Pete's sunshine straight to your living room.

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Arts Alliance will distribute grants early; deadline extended

Fifteen St. Petersburg artists will receive their community engagement grants a little early this year.

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Roy Peter Clark
Poynter Institute

Community Voices

Community Voices: The view from St. Pete of a world-wide pandemic

This report from St. Petersburg on the coronavirus pandemic is brought to you by the letter P.

That letter is central to our city’s name. It also stands in this message for parking, parks, porches, parties, pollen, Pinellas Point, and pelicans. Each P plays its part in helping us get through this pandemic.

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Mar. 28-31

Mar. 28

Mar. 28

ICYMI: How to prepare your systems for remote work with Chuck Egerter of Guardian Eagle

On this episode of Chamber Coronavirus Impact Insights, Chuck Egerter, founder and CEO of Guardian Eagle, joins Chris Steinocher, CEO of the St. Petersburg Chamber and Joe Hamilton, Publisher of the St. Pete Catalyst, to discuss how companies large and small can prepare and transition their systems to allow for remote work.

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