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Farewell to ‘The Catalyst Sessions’

Bill DeYoung



The Catalyst Sessions began the last week in March, with a simple goal: To keep St. Petersburg’s arts community connected, one conversation at a time.

Since the coronavirius (that’s what we all called it then) was going to separate us indefinitely, why not reach out – from one lonely, isolated room to another – and talk about how we felt, what we were thinking, and what we hoped would happen?

In the beginning, of course, nobody knew what would happen. Seven months and 140 half-hour interviews later, we still aren’t entirely sure.

But there’s been a measurable change, as we’ve learned more about how to deal with the virus, and as the arts begin to wake up from this long, unhappy sleep and take small steps towards renewed life.

Covid-19 isn’t done, but The Catalyst Sessions is. We don’t need it any more. As we head into the next phase – whatever that entails – I’d like to think of our little interview show as something that was needed, and something that helped us stay connected, in an earlier phase.

Here’s to the future.

I’ll still be here at the Catalyst, writing and editing and, I have no doubt, doing the occasional video interview, podcast or special report.

Tonight’s episode, streaming on the Catalyst Facebook page at 7 p.m., features Paul Wilborn guest-hosting, interviewing … well, me.

At 7:30, it’ll join most of its 139 predecessors on our YouTube Channel, archived for your elucidation, your edification … or just your entertainment. (One or two of the very early installments disappeared into the ether somehow.)

I am so grateful and proud to be a part, however peripheral, of this brilliant arts community.

The Catalyst Sessions

March 25: Paul Wilborn & Eugenie Bondurant

March 26: Matthew McGee

March 27: Craig Pittman

March 30: Karla Hartley

April 1: Kasondra Rose

April 2: Nate Najar & Daniela Soledade

April 6: Stephanie Gularte

April 7: Jeremy Douglass

April 8: Mark Sforzini

April 9: Barbara St. Clair

April 10: Carrie Jadus

April 13: Alex Harris

April 14: Michael Francis

April 15: Giles Davies

April 16: Maureen McDole

April 17: Pete Merrigan

April 20: Becca McCoy

April 21: Jeff Klinkenberg

April 22: Liz Dimmitt

April 23: Rebekah Pulley

April 24: David Jenkins

April 27: Hank Hine & Laura Hine

April 28: Bob Devin Jones

April 29: Sarah Nordin & Tyler Putnam

May 1: Chris Crawford

May 4: Colleen Cherry

May 5: Tony Tyler

May 6: La Lucha

May 7: Helen Hansen French

May 8: Cindy Stovall

May 11: Roxanne Fay

May 12: Jane Buckman

May 13: Derek Donnelly

May 14: Kristen Shepherd

May 18: Bob Hite

May 19: John Collins

May 20: Alsace Walentine

May 21: Kevin Chadwick

May 22: Ronny Elliott

May 26: Paul Wilborn & Eugenie Bondurant

May 27: Kelli Butler

May 28: Eric Davis

May 29: Mark Aeling

June 1: Roy Peter Clark

June 2: Andee Scott

June 3: Emilia Sargent

June 4: Alison Burns

June 5: Ray Roa

June 8: Tiffany Razzano

June 9: Kristin Clippard

June 10: Brenda McMahon

June 11: Karla Hartley

June 12: Greg Billings & George Harris

June 15: Cyndi Edwards

June 16: Chad Mize

June 17: Kasondra Rose

June 18: Lisa Unger

June 19: David Jenkins

June 22: Mountain Holler

June 23: Katrina Stevenson

June 24: Duncan McClellan

June 25: Roger Bartlett

June 26: Mike Deeson

June 29: Matthew McGee

June 30: Susan Hellman Spatafora

July 1: Jerid Fox

July 2: Staci Sabarsky

July 6: Andi Matheny

July 7: Lisa Kirchner

July 8: Jeremy Douglass

July 9: Judith Lisi

July 10: Ronnie Dee

July 13: Hank Hine

July 14: Craig Pittman

July 15: (75th show) Rodney Crowell

July 16: Howayda Affan

July 20: Alex Jones

July 21: Colette Bancroft

July 22: Veronica Leone Matthews

July 23: Katie Talbert

July 24: Roy Peter Clark

July 27: Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

July 28: Maureen McDole

July 29: Vince Gill

July 30: Mark Sforzini

July 31: Lori Roy

Aug. 3: Lisa Marone

Aug, 4: Bob Devin Jones

Aug. 5: John Capouya

Aug. 6: L. Peter Callender/Sheila Cowley

Aug. 7: Michael Connelly

Aug. 10: Rebekah Pulley and Rob Pastore

Aug. 11: Rui Farias

Aug. 12: Sarah Gerard

Aug. 13: Nate Najar & Daniela Soledade

Aug. 14: Will Thomas Scecina & Dave Hamar

Aug. 17: Mark Cantrell

Aug. 18: Jenee Priebe

Aug. 19: Tom Gribbin

Aug. 20: Ephraim Sykes (100th show)

Aug. 21: Ken Block & Andrew Copeland

Aug. 31: Dave and Heather Hamar

Sept. 1: Amy Gray

Sept. 2: Carrie Jadus and Mark Aeling

Sept. 3: La Lucha

Sept. 4: Frank Strunk

Sept. 8: Stephanie Gularte

Sept. 9: Lobo

Sept. 10: Ed Woltil

Sept. 11: Chris Romeo

Sept. 14: Kristen Shepherd

Sept. 15: John Collins

Sept. 16: Monica & Jon Kile

Sept. 17: Kirk Adams

Sept. 18: Staci Sabarsky & Owen Robertson

Sept. 21: Robin Zander

Sept. 22: Jessica Thonen

Sept. 23: Brandy Stark

Sept. 24: Elizabeth Gelman

Sept. 25: Betty Fox

Sept. 28: David Jenkins

Sept. 29: Bob Woodward

Sept. 30: Tom White

Oct. 1: Brenda McMahon

Oct. 2: Paul Wilborn

Oct. 5: Jim Swallow and Carrie Jadus

Oct. 6: Trish Duggan

Oct. 7: Chick Corea

Oct. 8: Charlie Parker

Oct. 9: The Royal Guardsmen

Oct. 12: Alex Harris

Oct. 13: Damon Fowler

Oct. 14: Ona Kirei & Alejandro Arenas

Oct. 15: Roy Peter Clark

Oct. 16: Rachel Lynett/Stephanie Gularte

Oct. 19: Lisa Kirchner

Oct. 20: Kanika Tomalin

Oct. 21: Lisa Unger

Oct. 22: freeFall/War of the Worlds

Oct. 23: The big finale







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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar

    Janice Ririe Taylor

    November 11, 2020at10:43 am

    My heartfelt thanks to Bill DeYoung for this series. As a 60 year resident of St. Petersburg I have followed the growth and development of its arts community. I started attending the Florida Orchestra when it was the Gulf Coast Symphony, and American Stage when it was the Palisades Theatre. These are just two examples of the wealth of culture in our area. I have by no means listened to all of the Catalyst Sessions and look forward to locating them on You Tube.

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