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Here are the Pinellas County ZIP codes with the most cases of Covid-19

Margie Manning



Two ZIP codes in north central Pinellas County have about 15 percent of all the confirmed cases of Covid-19 coronavirus in the county.

The two ZIP codes combined had 49 cases as of 11 a.m. Saturday. Pinellas County had a total of 328 cases, according to new data from the Florida Department of Health.

The state health updated its online dashboard Friday night to include cases broken down by ZIP code for all 67 Florida counties. The newly-assembled map was developed to provide additional transparency and real-time information for residents and visitors across the state, the health department said.

Pinellas County Covid-19 cases by ZIP code, April 4, 11 a.m. (Source: Florida Department of Health)

As of Saturday morning, the 33774 ZIP code had 25 confirmed cases. That ZIP code includes parts of Indian Rocks Beach, Indian Shores, Largo, Seminole, Harbor Bluffs and Ridgecrest.

The 33756 ZIP code, which includes parts of Belleair, Belleair Beach, Belleair Bluffs, Clearwater and Largo, had 24 confirmed cases.

Other ZIP codes with 10 cases or more were:

33701, downtown St. Petersburg, 16 cases

33771, part of Pinellas Park and Largo, 12 cases

34689, part of Tarpon Springs, East Lake, Holiday and Palm Harbor, 11 cases

34698, part of Clearwater, Dunedin, Greenbriar and Palm Harbor, 10 cases

34683, part of Tarpon Springs, Dunedin and Palm Harbor, 10 cases

To see your ZIP code, click here for the online dashboard and click on the tab at the bottom of the page that says “Cases by zip code.” Scroll through the list of counties on the right side of the dashboard. When you click on your county a list of ZIP codes will display on the bottom right of the dashboard. Click on your ZIP code for details.

The Florida Department of Health also launched an anonymous Covid-19 Community Action Survey, which is collecting information about county of residence, symptoms a resident may be experiencing and preventative efforts a resident is taking. Click here for the survey.

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  1. Avatar


    April 4, 2020at3:20 pm

    Transparency is good. Many thanks to Pinellas County officials, healthcare workers, and The Catalyst!

    • Avatar

      Al S

      April 5, 2020at10:49 am

      Interesting though that the H1N1 killed almost 1/2 million people, many young.. yet we didn’t have this same shutdown the economy attitude. I just hope it’s over soon

  2. Avatar


    April 4, 2020at3:33 pm

    Nice map of the county, but it would be good if you could put a legend there- Dark blue=10-20 cases, Light blue= 5=10, etc. etc. What color means what?

  3. Avatar

    Real Talk

    April 4, 2020at5:56 pm

    The same could be said about those who died at Pearl Harbor or on September 11th. Do you think we should get rid of the TSA because of the minuscule chance of your plane being hijacked and flown into a Building full of people?

    How about crimes committed by illegal immigrants? Does that relatively low number justify the billions of dollars spent on a wall and the damage done to our agricultural industry due to the difficulty getting seasonal workers?

  4. Avatar

    Julie Fehr

    April 4, 2020at7:06 pm

    Mr. Vogel, maybe you do not care about the lives of fellow residents in your area, BUT the majority of us do. So, we herald any and all precautions we can take to save our lives and the lives of those we love. Let’s get this virus eradicated and our populations healthy again, then worry about the peripherals. You are taking a very selfish stance … an uninformed and even a politically biased one. That is very sad, and I pity you and I understand that you are also a very bitter, self- involved man. I wish you good health and all the best.

  5. Avatar

    M V

    April 4, 2020at8:31 pm

    If we didn’t shut down a lot more would be dead. The #s are still going up. With that being said if everyone would wear masks it would slow down drastically.

  6. Avatar

    Dawn T

    April 4, 2020at8:47 pm

    Well said.

  7. Avatar

    Rob P

    April 4, 2020at9:05 pm

    One minor flaw with your argument… this is global not just the USA.

  8. Avatar

    Scott R

    April 4, 2020at9:14 pm

    It’s 7,000 TODAY. This number is increasing literally hourly. To assume this is the final number of dead is short sighted and ridiculous. The social distancing is to help keep the number of dead in the hundreds of thousands, as opposed to the millions when this pandemic has passed. And for what it’s worth, I like to think my social distancing is helping to protect people like you that ARE high risk. As well as myself… my mother… my cousin, who just passed away at 37 from COVID related issues. This is not a political issue. Or a media issue. It’s a societal issue. A humanitarian one.

  9. Avatar

    Corbin Supak

    April 4, 2020at9:17 pm

    You don’t understand that these measures are what’s keeping those numbers miniscule? It’s not so much if we look out for each other – it’s in our power to beat this – but we need folks like you to wisen up. Plenty of people went hungry and go without healthcare before this, many who worked full-time – did you vote with their interests in mind?

  10. Avatar

    Vicki a Moore

    April 4, 2020at10:18 pm

    Will let’s pray none of your family members get it…SMH

  11. Avatar

    Jennifer Axsom

    April 4, 2020at10:54 pm

    oh and Thank you Ms. Manning for those interesting numbers by zipcode.. I’m in the 33772 zipcode.. so I suppose all ok in my neighborhood ..for the moment? It’s such a horrible, invisible enemy. God bless

  12. Avatar

    Geoff Godfrey

    April 4, 2020at11:45 pm

    Great reporting Margie Manning. I have always enjoyed and trusted your work. Thank you for keeping us informed.

  13. Avatar

    Andrea Drz

    April 5, 2020at12:18 am

    Are you so ignorant to realize the numbers are what they are because of the stop of the economy, and the spread of this illness? If we didn’t take these measures, you along with many others inside your “high risk” category or not would be seeing a lot different numbers on that board. This is contagious unlike anything that has been circulating in decades…. a century if you will. We have health care professionals telling us to slow our roles in the economy and in the public. If we all would’ve listened sooner maybe, lives could’ve been saved. Please don’t only think about your “high risk” self. There are teens, elders and newborns all seeing the effects of this disease and who have not made it through this alive. Please Stop being so selfish and consider lives are more precious than money. I am saying that as a CPA….The long term effects are going to be detrimental Long term To the economy, no doubt about it. But keeping things moving and spreading would only make it worse. Yes – the quarter came to a close at its lowest since 1987. But give it a few years and it will bounce back. Remember that you most likely voted for health care to be attached to employment as well… Now who’s benefiting from that wise decision that it wasn’t needed for all? Take care of our people, take care of our society. It truly benefits all.

  14. Avatar

    Roberta Nolinger

    April 5, 2020at5:21 am

    This is a Virus. Nothing was said on this page about Trump, but yet people still make comments about how everyone is trying to bring him down. No we are not we are trying to stay alive !! I just think it is sad that everything has to be turned into something about race or if not it’s political. In this case it is not so.

  15. Avatar

    Mary Anne Mokier

    April 5, 2020at6:36 am

    Good news is to keep the numbers low. The virus is tiny but powerful. Stay safe everyone. 👌💜

  16. Avatar

    Michael B

    April 5, 2020at7:15 am

    Isnt it safe to say that in zips like 33774 that the numbers are higher because it they have 2 hospitals in the zip?

    • Avatar

      Debbie T

      April 5, 2020at9:19 pm

      I live in 33774 and the hospital near me is virtual empty.
      Morton plant is in 34756. Largo med is in 33770

  17. Avatar

    Ian Drysdale

    April 5, 2020at7:33 am

    Please show all of Pinellas. Do not cut off Tierra Verde at the South please.

  18. Avatar

    Louise M Riling

    April 5, 2020at8:07 am

    Where is 33770? It is not in the article yet it is, obviously, in Pinellas county! Next zip South of 33756

  19. Avatar

    Travis Sherman

    April 5, 2020at8:39 am

    This data might be more valid if it included the numbers of tests administered compared to the positives. I notice that most of the cases are in wealthier communities, where inhabitants are more likely to receive better health care.

    But still, very interesting and grateful for the post.

  20. Avatar

    Nick Sakel

    April 5, 2020at9:24 am

    What is wrong with our country?
    Individuals as yourself with this type of thinking is “what is wrong”.
    This is NOT a political conspiracy, a matter with the goal of the media to “take President Trump down”! This is a matter of life and death. Refer to the Swine Flu (Spanish flu) pandemic of 2018. It killed more Americans than all wars combined approximately 375,000 (WWI WWW2 Korea Vietnam Afganistan Iraq). History is repeating itself.
    The virus has no in interest in politics only humans!
    Taking swift proper measures is the best we can do to LIMIT the spread, save lives, and avoid a catastrophe.
    Wake up and cherish the gift of life.
    Discard the politics.
    I am 61, have survived multiple heart surgeries, pancreatic tumor surgery multiple abdominal surgeries and glad to be alive!

  21. Avatar

    Harold Heckler

    April 5, 2020at9:31 am

    Apparently, you missed the point: by keeping infection rates low, we can stretch out the epidemic long enough so that hospitals don’t get overwhelmed. It is all about “flattening the curve” in order to effectively fight the virus. Once hospitals are overwhelmed, chaos will reign.

    Furthermore, the economy was already holding on by a thread before the lockdowns began. The stock market has but little reflection on reality.

    • Avatar

      Eugenia Borrusch

      April 5, 2020at5:52 pm

      Thank you.

  22. Avatar

    S. Rose Smith-Hayes

    April 5, 2020at11:19 am

    Mr. Vogal, this is Not about taking down Donald Trump. People are dying daily. This country is now the leader in deaths from this disease. Please wake up, open your eyes and heart, stop being so one sided in your thinking. ‘Safer at home’ helps keep the disease from spreading. The economy will be brought back, but we cannot get back the doctors, nurses and other first Responders and innocent citizen’s lives.

  23. Avatar

    Matt M

    April 5, 2020at11:27 am

    That’s right on the money. If everybody is sick there will be chaos trying to work anyways and that’s not even the point. The healthcare system will be overwhelmed and deaths will rise substantially. And anyways if this was going to be stopped it was going to be by not letting anyone go and come back from foreign countries. They are the irresponsible ones that is wrong with this country. There vacations and business trips.

    • Avatar

      Susan Boerschig

      April 5, 2020at4:27 pm

      And why is the health care system overwhelmed, GREED, colleges and universities change exuberant tuition, hospitals are and have been under staffed and over worked because the corporate executives need to get richer

  24. Avatar

    marybeth eaton

    April 5, 2020at11:32 am

    Thank you for the information. I think when posting these numbers, you should also include the population of each of the zip codes. I think that is a big part of the equation that is missing. 33756 has 33,000 population while many zip codes with less cases have less than 10,000 people. This is just my opinion. Everyone please stay home!!

    • Avatar

      Malcom Perez

      April 6, 2020at12:00 pm

      I agree with including the population of each city. South Pasadena (33707) which has around 5000 residents has had at least two cases related to one Senior Condominium complex (Bay Island) with 713 units Quite a few owned by snowbirds and or investors

  25. Avatar

    Ricahrd Lennox

    April 5, 2020at12:02 pm

    800 people have died from coronavirus since you wrote this. And the daily death toll is increasing. At what point is slowing or reversing that number worth missing a couple paychecks or nights out on the town to you? Or, should we ask someone on a ventilator instead?

  26. Avatar

    Lucie Winchell

    April 5, 2020at12:31 pm

    I’m trying to work the website by zip code and an unable. Would someone mind helping?

  27. Avatar

    Kim B

    April 5, 2020at1:20 pm

    If they were actually testing everyone with symptoms these numbers might be accurate. They don’t have enough tests and aren’t testing all the people with symptoms. These numbers are way off.

  28. Avatar

    Jeff McFadden

    April 5, 2020at3:52 pm

    Good article. Would be nice if it could be updated as it hard to find this type of information. Thank You.

  29. Avatar

    Earl Jacobs

    April 5, 2020at4:17 pm

    Al S 18,036 DEATHS to H1N1. Are YOU a LIAR or just floating FALSE DATA. Grow UP !!!!!!

  30. Avatar

    Hattie Barton

    April 5, 2020at9:10 pm

    I am so glad to have this zip code map,just wish the zip codes were on the map

  31. Avatar

    Karen Sharkey

    April 6, 2020at8:15 am

    I have to wonder why Desanctis is allowing churches to hold religious services still? He actually made churches an exception to the stay at home order. How many Floridians went to Palm Sunday services? Clearwater has the largest population of international members still congregating in the Scientology buildings. No wonder we are slated to be the next hot spot. Look how long it took Trump’s favorite governor to shut down the State?

  32. Avatar

    La Deda

    April 6, 2020at8:37 pm

    FYI… the Largo/Indian Rocks area of Pinellas county has the highest number of coronavirus patients. Kindred hospital transferred My husband to Indian Rocks acute rehab in Largo last Friday. Isn’t it a weird thing that the medical centers continue to transport patients between facilities while all of the rest of us are quarantined? So weird. You would think they would have a stay in place order too. I don’t understand how this stuff is supposed to work.

  33. Avatar

    Lynn B

    April 8, 2020at9:19 am

    The map went offline yesterday. What happened to it?

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