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Name: Danielle Bodalski (Philotimo HR)

Posted By Keara McGraw

Danielle Bodalski is looking for visionary leaders. She started her fractional HR consulting company, Philotimo, to work with founders and organizations that believe employees, the community and the environment rank as high as profit in the determinants of success. She's seen firsthand how the right HR partnerships can set free a company's unique culture to thrive sustainably over the long term.

Years in Tampa Bay

I have been in St. Pete on and off since 1993. I relocated to Philly & Chicago for a few years, but like a boomerang, I always return.

Hustle (job)


What do you do?  

I founded Philotimo-HR, a fractional HR consulting company, to serve visionary leaders who are forging a different path. Think of generational organizations or founders aligned with B-Corp values (Social + Environment + Profits).

From a tactical view, I minimize HR risk while aligning practices to support the organization’s unique culture. I focus on core HR areas such as HR strategy & Alignment, Assessments, Recruitment & Onboarding, and Employee Relations.

Why do you do it?

Several years ago, I was asked: Could we hold a job for a part-time employee?

The family was asking as a life was at risk. The family felt recovery had a higher chance of success if the employee could return to the work they loved. We agreed to support the request.

I would not have been able to make that same decision several months later. Part-time employees’ jobs are not protected, which would have been against corporate policy.

We did the right thing. The employee is thriving, and the decisions made that day are part of the story. This drives me to partner with organizations that support their employees, families, & communities.

What was your Catalyst? (How did you get started?)

I have over 20 years of experience in HR. I have been fortunate to see how HR partnerships can significantly impact organizational success or create a “turtle” mode culture. My experiences, the pandemic, and workforce data (Gallup) led to my decision. Working with founders/owners with a long view is aligned with my values and approach. We can minimize HR risk while establishing sustainable strategies for the organization’s unique culture.

What’s a common misconception or unknown aspect of what you do?

In my informal research, employees described HR as the policy police, hire/fire team, or the principal’s office. Ouch. While minimizing risk is essential to HR’s role, we are responsible to the broader community – employees, families, customers, vendors, and more. We can enhance employee growth by aligning culture, norms, and practices to support growth.

What’s the most challenging part of your Hustle?

While there are operational challenges when you launch a business, not being part of a team is challenging. I use the available resources – The Greenhouse, The Chamber and events – to build a collaborative and supportive team.

What’s the most valuable piece of business advice/insight that’s helped you?

A former colleague shared: You have a marketing problem. People need to learn how to find you, why they need you, or what you can do. All entrepreneurs providing professional services have this problem. You will need to get out of your comfort zone and market yourself. He was and is correct. I remind myself of this advice daily.

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