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At Lunchpool, we are on a mission to create a healthier, happier and more fun work environment that fosters diversity, inclusion, and innovation. We will not stop until we severely diminish feelings of disconnectedness and siloed thinking in the modern digital workplace. Workforce disengagement is ripe for disruption. Company leadership and HR executives are doing everything they can to keep employees engaged, happy, and connected, but many team-building methods and techniques feel forced. Lunchpool is a Web/Desktop/Mobile Software-as-a-Service HR Tech application that enables self-organizing face-to-face networking between employees in large organizations over lunch breaks. By making it easy for employees to get to know one another informally over lunch, we encourage diversity and inclusion through the use of the app. Use our app in your company to build the right connections while onboarding new employees, encourage new connections with existing employees, and break down barriers and silos between departments, job functions, or job hierarchies. Our initial target market is companies with 600-2000, employees. With over 10,000 companies and a total pool of over 15 million employees, our annual per employee revenue model will ensure our quick growth. We will do a phased roll-out. Similar to the early days of Facebook, we'll unlock the networks of a few companies at a time. We've already signed up our first beta company with over 600 employees, and are quickly getting beta requests from other big companies in Tampa Bay. As we quickly grow, we will continue to build connections and end the feelings of isolation so prevalent in corporate America - we'll do it one lunch at a time.

Company Leadership

Alexander Abell

Lunch Break Enforcer & Co-Founder

With over 10 years working in corporate environments in the fields of design, marketing, multimedia development, and data analytics, Alex is a passionate advocate for using technology to foster true human connections. He’s worked on optimizing marketing campaigns for companies like Verizon Wireless, Bose, Expedia, Notre Dame, and Ashley Homestore. Having worked in companies undergoing the digital transformation, he is acutely tuned in to the struggles of siloed-thinking and disengagement on the rise in America’s corporate culture. He’s also a very big fan of going to lunch. Contact him today to have a lunch meeting and see how you can work together!


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