Two of Tampa Bay’s best-known business leaders open up on success, failure and growing their companies

It’s easy to look at big companies and forget that at one time they were startups.

Both Steve Raymund and Steve MacDonald — who led two major companies in Tampa Bay from their earliest days — talked about how they grew their firms into tech powerhouses at TiEcon Florida on Saturday.

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Pioneering code education: Catching up with St. Pete’s nonprofit code school

In just one year, SDG has developed innovative strategies and methods for bringing this essential education to the companies and students who need it. The Catalyst caught up with SDG President Toni Warren, to rehash its first year and look toward the future.

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5 things Accenture, Microsoft, AB Inbev and other big companies are doing now that your company will do tomorrow

In an era when every business is a digital business, professional services firm Accenture is highlighting five emerging trends that will help companies get to the next level.

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See the highlights of TiEcon Florida 2019 [Gallery]

TiEcon Florida 2019 was a full day of shared wisdom from successful business leaders and startups.

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Art, business and the business of art: Carrie Jadus

There’s a story Carrie Jadus tells just about every time she’s tasked to talk in front of a group of people. Five years into her career as an electrical engineer, she was sitting in her car, eating her lunch, in the Honeywell parking lot. She was 30 years old...

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The Shuffle

Sean Butler


The Hustle

Anja Jakupovic (Optik St. Pete)

Anja Jakupovic is hustling to make sure that St. Pete residents have every option to treat their eyes well.

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Morean Arts Center

The Morean Arts Center brings the St. Pete community together through creative expression.

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Jon Reno LaBudde

Focus: Rideshare v. Transit

Uber and the Ongoing Erasure of Public Life [New Yorker]

At the heart of Uber’s appeal is the feeling of ordering a car: that liquid transition from pressing a button to arriving at a destination. It’s a fantasy of convenience, though one that comes largely at the expense of drivers—and even, it turns out, of other consumers.

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Feb. 21

Feb. 21

Mar. 23

We need to stop striving for work-life balance. Here’s why [Fast Company]

Recently, I received a question from a contact on LinkedIn. She asked me whether I thought work-life balance was dead. My answer: I hope so!

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