Dynasty Financial ‘signs on’ to new St. Pete HQ

Staff members from Dynasty Financial Partners showed up at their new office at 200 Central Avenue at 6:30 a.m. Friday for a milestone in the company’s move to St. Petersburg.

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20 sparks from Ignite Tampa Bay

Ideas ranging from creating more affordable housing to saving whales took center stage at Ignite Tampa Bay.

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Nominations are open for St. Pete Chamber’s Annual Good ‘Burger Awards

Each year, the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce celebrates businesses, organizations, and individuals making positive impacts on the Sunshine City through the Good ‘Burger Awards. Nominations for the Good Burger awards are now open and run until June 21.

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Mayor's Pet-Friendly Biz | St. Pete, FL [City of St. Petersburg]

You heard the news– Mayor’s Pet-Friendly Business program is live, but here's a more in-depth look at what the program en(tails).🐾

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‘Hey, I’m here’: Creative Clay is producing artists for the future

As a vocational, educational and creative center for people with disabilities, Creative Clay has been an important part of St. Petersburg’s arts community for 24 years. The adult artists with neuro-differences are taught to present their work in festival and gallery settings. The ins and outs of the artistic experience, including sales and marketing. It’s not just “busy work” to occupy their time.

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The Shuffle

Andrew Gitkin
Raymond James


The Hustle

Lisa Williams (Evolve & Co.)

Lisa Williams is the strategic brain behind Evolve & Co. This small but mighty team produces playful and inventive creative communication for local brands like the First Friday St. Pete, the Oyster Bar, Crafty Squirrel and Boulevard Burgers.

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Raymond James

With over 100 consecutive quarters of profitability, Raymond James believes in doing whats right for clients.

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Ben Siwinski

Focus: Agile

In this edition: Getting small [McKinsey Quarterly]

Small, independent teams are the lifeblood of agile. Here’s how senior executives can help them thrive.

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June 15

June 15

June 21-23

NASA declares International Space Station ‘open for business,’ including private astronaut visits [TechCrunch]

At an event on Friday, NASA laid out its plans for making the International Space Station a hub for commercial activity in low Earth orbit. The agency has long planned to make the ISS a key anchor point for helping private business operate in space.

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