Exclusive: On the Rise of the Rest bus with Steve Case

There are three factors that the Tampa-St. Petersburg area needs to work on to grow its startup community, according to Steve Case, chairman and CEO of the Washington, D.C.-based venture capital firm Revolution.

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$90 million, five-story art museum nearing completion

St. Petersburg’s latest world-class museum – a five-story architectural wonder that’s dominated the corner of 3rd Avenue and 4th Street N. for two years – is finally close to announcing an opening date.

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Sneak peek: Inside Embarc Collective

There’s a growing opportunity to link investing in real estate and investing in startups, said Steve Case, the venture capitalist who brought Rise of the Rest to Tampa Bay.

Embarc Collective, a Jeff Vinik-backed initiative to elevate the startup community in Tampa Bay, demonstrates the power of that kind of linkage, Case said.

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He Said, She Said: Dean Cannon & Steve Schale [Florida Politics]

Final days of Session with Dean Cannon; 'Biden for America' with Steve Schale; Anniversary of Charlie Crist's Independent Run; Disney cruising, Avengers & Game of Thrones

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ICYMI: Introducing St. Petersburg Press – a locals-only publisher

Although a longtime journalist, blogger and scriptwriter, Wilborn had never put out an entire book – and this one, a collection of wildly fictionalized (and wildly entertaining) stories about Ybor City’s long-ago bohemian subculture – was expressly of local interest.

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The Shuffle

Owen Lafave
The Bank of Tampa


The Hustle

Delta Munoz (Ascension)

Delta Munoz is the founder and CEO of Ascension Global Technology, a cybersecurity company in St. Petersburg.

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Alexander Orthopaedic Associates

Since 2002, Alexander Orthopaedic Associates has provided orthopaedic care in Tampa Bay.

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Marc Blumenthal

Focus: Wages

The Case for Doing Nothing [New York Times]

Stop being so busy, and just do nothing. Trust us.

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May 9

May 9

May 14

The Antibiotics Business is Broken - But There's a Fix [Wired]

The world is running out of useful antibiotics because the rise of antibiotic resistance in bacteria is undermining them, and big firms are disinclined to make more.

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