Tampa Bay Innovation Center launches accelerator

St. Petersburg is getting a new accelerator program for young technology companies.

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USF St. Petersburg launches first of its kind Innovation Scholars Program

What if a major piece of what sets a successful college experience apart from any other isn’t what’s taught in the four walls of a classroom, but the experiences a university leverages outside of its own campus, into the community?

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Seedfunders highlights portfolio companies at pitch event

Two companies started by fathers and their sons will be in the spotlight Friday at a pitch event in downtown St. Petersburg.

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Community Voices: Working Women Stories with Ami Govindarajan [Audio]

Say hello to Working Women Stories. In this sixth episode of our series, host Jessica Rivelli, the founder of Working Women of Tampa Bay, talks with Ami Govindarajan, franchise owner of Drybar Tampa.

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Kellie Harmon’s RogueDance at 620 this weekend

She tried, God knows she tried to look into a career that guaranteed financial stability. But Kellie Harmon is an artist – and artists, at the end of the day, don’t really have a choice.

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The Shuffle

Monica Kile
Preserve the 'Burg


The Hustle

Scott Conlon (MyArea Network)

While on vacation in Maryland, Scott Conlon wanted to eat where the locals did. But he realized there weren't any major, centralized resources to share local tidbits (like best crab cake!) with outsiders. So, he built it himself.

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Acumen, Connections, Funding.

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Tim Dutton
Unite Pinellas

Focus: Work

The case for a 4-day workweek [Vox]

The future of work means fewer hours spent working.

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Sep. 19

Sep. 20

Sep. 24

Raising Seed Funding From a Traditional VC Is Harder Than Ever. Here’s Why [Entrepreneur's Handbook]

The data and story behind the splitting VC industry

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