Corporate Fitness Works adds design division

Corporate Fitness Works has added fitness center design to its core business of developing and managing fitness programs.

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Pocket Network hopes to make Tampa Bay a go-to space for blockchain

Glitches that put Instagram, Medium and Gmail partially or completely out of commission for a few hours over the past several weeks impacted thousands of businesses that use the social media services to communicate with customers.

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Thanks to Tiffany Razzano, Tampa Bay just keeps getting Wordier

Start with the name, Wordier Than Thou. It’s just jokey enough to let you know that while its mission – to encourage and promote the work of local writers – is a serious one, the Pinellas-based literary nonprofit isn’t averse to a good laugh now and then, to tiptoe around what founder Tiffany Razzano calls “that stuffy, literature-with-a-capital L thing.”

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Tampa Bay Wave TechDiversity Cohort: Lazarillo

Lazarillo is a Chilean startup working to increase mobility for visually impaired users. Their breakthrough technology utilizes audio messages to guide the visually impaired via a mapping program that helps them navigate the world.

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Your weekend arts forecast: Take a walk on the lunar side

You, too, can descend from the Lunar Lander and stand on the surface of the moon, just as Apollo 11 astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin did 50 years ago this weekend.

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The Shuffle

Glenn Romig
Largo Medical Center


The Hustle

Miles Fetherston-Resch (Kids Saving Oceans)

What were you doing with your allowance at age 6 1/2? You may have been watching "Captain Planet," but our bet is you weren't trying to save the earth. But Miles Fetherston-Resch is.

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Pinellas Community Foundation

Founded in 1969, Pinellas Community Foundation helps residents launch community projects with generous support from locals.

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Brian Bailey
Metro Inclusive Health

Focus: Nomads

Road Tripping with Amazon Nomads [The Verge]

To stock Amazon’s shelves, merchants travel the backroads of America in search of rare soap and coveted toys

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July 18

July 23

July 25-27

ICYMI: PitchLyst Startup Report: Michael Scott Novilla

Joe Hamilton sits down with the founder of Nova 535 + Entrepreneur Social Club

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