Tony DiBenedetto serves up uncensored wisdom at Startup Week Tampa Bay

In perhaps the most anticipated speaker of the week, Tony DiBenedetto, they gave us someone arguably more compelling and relatable than the half-man, half-brand Gary Vaynerchuk. (Although the jury’s still out on who threw around more f-bombs.)

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What’s ahead for the St. Pete EDC

The new chairman of the St. Petersburg Area Economic Development Corp. has three top priorities for the coming year.

Key focuses will be investor relations, staffing and brand building, said Chad Loar, PNC Bank’s regional president for West Florida.

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Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital names interim president

A veteran leader of pediatric hospitals will join Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital as interim president Feb. 18.

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What Past State of the Union Speeches Tell Us About the Future [NYT]

Like President Trump, the last three presidents all lost at least one house of Congress at a midterm election. Their subsequent speeches offered a blueprint for what came next.

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‘The beauty of the West is unbelievable’: A conversation with Tom James

It’s been almost a year since the $75 million James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art opened in downtown St. Petersburg, and Tom James is talking about a new article in Forbes...

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The Shuffle

David Wirta


The Hustle

Jake Kurtz (Brick)

Jake Kurtz built his hustle from the ground up. Working 6pm-11pm on his then-side hustle for three years, Kurtz was finally able to take his business full-time.

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Global Safety Management

Since 2011, Global Safety Management has innovated in the Safety Data Sheets space.

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Kristen Shepherd
Museum of Fine Arts, St. Pete

Focus: Identity

E Pluribus Unum? The Fight Over Identity Politics [Foreign Affairs]

But what Fukuyama laments as “fracturing” is in reality the result of marginalized groups finally overcoming centuries-long efforts to erase them from the American polity—activism that will strengthen democratic rule, not threaten it.

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Feb. 11

Feb. 13

Feb. 16

Startup Names May Have Passed Peak Weirdness [Crunchbase News]

For years, decades even, startup names have been getting weirder.

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