Exclusive: Ron Wheeler plans his next chapter after Sembler

As CEO of The Sembler Co., Ron Wheeler has guided the St. Petersburg-based development firm to new heights.

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Public safety, affordable housing among priorities in proposed St. Pete city budget

The St. Petersburg City Council has tentatively approved a $640.8 million operating budget for the fiscal year that begins Oct. 1.

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SPx Season 2: New episode with Dr. Kiran Patel, Local philanthropist and entrepreneur [Podcast]

From apartheid Africa to Tampa Bay: Dr. Kiran Patel kicks off season two of St. Pete X.

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He Said, She Said: A Galaxy's Edge Not Far, Far Away: Touring Disney's highly anticipated new attraction, including an interview with Disney VP Adam Babington

On this episode of He Said, She Said, the Schorsches preview Galaxy's Edge, the 14-acre, billion dollar Star Wars expansion of Disney's Hollywood Studios.

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Amy Gray is a proud member of the Jobsite Theatre family

There was that time, back in September of 2014, when Amy Gray was four days away from leaving her home in Tampa for a new, totally unknown life in Denver. The stage veteran – actress, singer, changeling – had wrapped assistant director duties on Jobsite Theatre’s The Last Night at Ballyhoo. Her work was essentially done; the play was just about to open.

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The Shuffle

Kelsy Long
Cleawater Marine Aquarium


The Hustle

Clyde Snograss (Faraday)

Winemaking runs in Clyde Snograss' family. Though the entrepreneur doesn't enjoy wine himself, he knew that creating a product to electro-chemically age wine would be a sure hit.

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Acumen, Connections, Funding.

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Owen LaFave
Bank of Tampa

Focus: Economics

Milton Friedman was wrong [The Atlantic]

The famed economist’s “shareholder theory” provides corporations with too much room to violate consumers’ rights and trust.

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Sep. 6

Sep. 19

Sep. 24

College Hunks Hauling Junk Founder On Scaling The Company [Chief Executive]

In the early days of College Hunks Hauling Junk, Founder and President Nick Friedman had a few light bulb moments.

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